Consumerism, the only thing that “unites” America.   This is the film mentioned by the emailer/listener John in Arkansas. This my friends, details exactly what we are fighting against. And don't tell me that the average consumer asshole out there, is not representative of our people. Yes they are!

They’re your friends or former friends… they’re your aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. They’re your siblings and parents, and for most you, they’re your former selves! You used to be that fat retard shopping  and standing in lines. At one time in your life, you used to be that mindless consumer asshole, that drug addicted loser, an alcoholic, a weak white man!!!

There was a time in your adult life, when you weren’t paying attention! You were watching football and these idiotic tv shows, consuming all these new gadgets and all the junk food you could get your fat hands on!

You had your own faults, weaknesses, and your own shitty choices and poor behavior. So don’t act like these people aren’t our own people, because you used to be one of them!!!

It’s about damn time we do some self-reflection, look at our own race, and shame these weak people (our people) and get them on the right track!

9 Comments on Consumerism, the only thing that “unites” America.

  1. I was fed up with consumerism for about 10 years ago, i still hate everything that has with shopping to do. Only time i go to the store is when i buy groceries.
    If i have to buy something i buy it online, mostly books.
    About four years ago i told everyone that was to visit us on christmas that our children dont need anything but if they want to buy something then one present was enough. The years before.. 10 presents each? It was sickening to watch.
    My nephews first christmas was rememrable, 68 presents. He got nothing from me, i guess he got enough.


  2. George Smith // December 11, 2015 at 6:35 pm // Reply

    If we are only United by consumerism- that’s a good thing Rich. Why?
    People have maxed out their credit cards. Wages aren’t going up. People are getting poorer.
    Consumerism is dying and since that’s the case, the so called ‘unity’ of multicultural America is dying as well.


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    I believe people put themselves under pressure at Christmas time just to look good. Everyone you talk to says it’s too commercialised yet still they spend spend spend. Just stop buying stupid plastic Chinese rubbish you idiots. If your family & friends don’t want to know you just because you didn’t buy them some shit then they’re not worth knowing anyway. Or you could do kris kindle, do you have that in America?


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  5. The quotes in the title could rather be around “America”.


  6. Jacob Strauss // December 18, 2015 at 2:24 am // Reply

    The kikes in this make my blood boil, but even more so the whites and especially white leaders that bought into this shit


  7. Great..appreciate for all the best news.


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