The White Consumer… propping up the NFL!

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles It's beyond pathetic and embarrassing, that grown adults in this country are still entertained by this shit? A recent story has just broke: about an NFL player cut from a team after getting in a fight for not receiving free headphones. Defensive end Damontre Moore is out of a job with the New York Giants that paid him $585,000 this season, because he lost his cool when he didn't get a pair of free headphones. Here's the story:

New York Giants Receiver, Odell Beckham, gave out blue Beats By Dre headphones to his teammates… Defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins took multiple pairs, and Moore didn’t get a pair, so he fought with Jenkins in an apparent fist fight. That was enough for the Giants, who later cut Moore. So two “grown men” and two highly paid “professionals” brawled over a pair of free headphones? You white idiots that continue to watch this boring, feminized game, played by these childlike mental midgets should all be ashamed of yourselves. Turn it off you idiots!

2 Comments on The White Consumer… propping up the NFL!

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  2. But Rich, we’re winning.


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