The Whites of France sign their own Death Warrant!

personalen The situation was set up perfectly, the people (we thought) were now awakened and ready for a real change, a revival of French nationalism with widespread victories for the Front National party! Sadly that didn't happen... Yet again, the whites of France have sold out their own people, they've destroyed any semblance of a future for their children and grandchildren, and have proven to us all (once again) that white people themselves are the true cause of nearly every problem we have! It's our own GD race you idiots. So either we focus on straightening out these assholes as our primary focus, or we continue dying a slow death!


(Zerohedge) A week ago, fear was tangible as France’s far-right Front National party won an unprecedented 2 provinces in the nation’s first elections since the Paris terror attacks. With 40% of the votes, Marine Le Pen’s party dominated the mainstream political parties and status quo maintainers were beginning to quake. Now, a week later, with turnout surging from 50% to 59%, Front National has been “routed” according to AP, failing to win any regions.




As voters cast their ballots in the second-round runoff, Le Pen’s party is hobbled by a lack of allies from which it can draw fresh support. France’s two main parties are even working together in some districts to keep Le Pen out of power.


Prime Minister Manuel Valls, a Socialist like Hollande, said on Friday that he was “convinced” his party’s supporters would engage in tactical voting to defeat Le Pen. The Socialists pulled their party out of both races and it appears that many voters cast ballots to prevent the once-pariah National Front from gaining power.Three polling agencies are projecting that anti-immigrant National Front has been routed in regional election runoffs despite dominating the first-round vote.


Party leader Marine Le Pen and her niece lost their bids to run two French regions in elections Sunday seen as an important test for the anti-immigrant party. Polling agencies Ipsos, Ifop, TNS-Sofres projected that the opposition conservatives and governing Socialists won control of France’s 13 regions. They showed Le Pen won around 42 percent of the vote in the Nord-Pas de Calais region, and rival conservative Xavier Bertrand about 57 percent.

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  2. George Smith // December 13, 2015 at 9:26 pm // Reply

    We must look to the national election in 2017.

    As they say Rich, the night is darkest before Dawn.


    • It’s their LAST chance over there.

      If it goes the wrong way, France will soon become an Islamic Theocratic State under sharia law. This is what victory for the social Marxists and Cucks in France will produce!


  3. Rich, It’s not their fault,didn’t you know? jews count the votes


  4. March of the Titans a History of the White Race – Arthur Kemp Interview from 2009
    Amazing we have come to the point of being over taken.
    “No, it’s not amazing, its the direct consequence of the lack of political action by white Americans”.


  5. at the 28:27 mark of historian Arthur Kemp the author of March of the Titans a History of the White Race – Interview
    “There are 4 things that need to be done, if there is to be any political action in America”.
    1. Serious political activists have to distance from any and all who have allowed the media to portray white American politics as some type of weird cult” – They are a cancer.
    2.”Distance from the weird skin head phenomena. They are a disgrace and allows those who want white America destroyed to portray everyone as a skinhead thug weirdo”.
    3. “Weird aberration called Christian Identity”.
    4. “The most important problem in white national politics in America, largely due to William Pierce and the National Alliance. So called intellectual underpinning in the belief that participation in active politics was hopeless. There is nothing that can be done, its all boxed in, it’s a done deal, All you have to do is sit on a mountain top somewhere dispersing words of wisdom and when the whole society fails you will emerge as some type of revolutionary to sieze power and build a new order. This do nothing defeatist mentality has probably laid the basis for the reason why no genuine pro-white political activity has ever emerged”.


  6. “And even France must be counted among these states. Not only that she complements her army to an ever-increasing degree from her enormous empire’s reservoir of colored humanity, but racially as well, she is making such great progress in negrification that we can actually speak of an African state arising on European soil. If the development of France in the present style were to be continued for three hundred years, the last remnants of Frankish blood would be submerged in the developing European-African mulatto state. An immense self-contained area of settlement from the Rhine to the Congo, filled with a lower race gradually produced from continuous bastardization.”

    Mein Kampf
    Vol 2 Chapter 14

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    Yes extremely disappointing. If France with its many problems with Islam won’t wake out of their slumber what hope have other countries got.


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