PTD Radio: Episode#28

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Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #28

***Seeing the Bigger Picture***

On today’s show we were joined by a great friend of the website, Joe Northpal to discuss the revolutionary idea of forming a new independent media distribution platform for traditionalist minded European people across the world. The details were covered in depth. The ascension of Trump was discussed. Finding the right talent, keeping out the carnival crowd, paying our folks as professionals, creating new career paths, preventing corruption, supporting our local communities and funding the platform with a subscription base. You need to get this show out there. I’m making it public! Push it, post it, promote the hell out of it! No More Excuses… No More Weak White Men!  MP3 Download

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  1. Thumbs up from Sweden guys, you were on fire this evening gentlemen.

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  2. This was truly an epic show guys, BIG salute to Mr. Northpal, thank you Sir for your work and time

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  3. Great Job guys, and yes Rich we shall indeed see who is serious and who’s just playing games. I’m of the belief that it’s more the later, but I’ll try to remain hopeful and optimistic too. So far I haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet?


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  5. Jeff Bartlett // December 13, 2015 at 1:07 am // Reply

    Your best show to date Rich, and what an asset Joe Northpal is. I’ll do my best to get it out there, I’ve been banned from most “friendly” forums but I’ll hit the comment sections of the others, YouTube, Twitter and Yahoo

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  6. Jeff Bartlett // December 13, 2015 at 1:09 am // Reply

    BTW You guys were on hot coals today, man the two of you were on fire, what was the secrete today?


  7. Salvatore Jersey // December 13, 2015 at 1:17 am // Reply

    Two guys from Jersey going balls to the wall.

    What an awesome show, finally a realistic vision being pushed. Hopefully other guys and websites run with this.

    I emailed Red Ice Radio about your site and show a few days back Rich, and suggested they’d get you for an interview, I’d love to hear you on with Heinrich.

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  8. Salvatore Jersey // December 13, 2015 at 1:30 am // Reply

    Yes, we can make an exception for these two. Lol


  9. Great show Rich and Joe.

    I have posted the link on some sites and YT videos. Thinking of some other things as well.

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  10. Just listened to the show. Will contact my bros in England and Ireland in the morrow. One fellow I know is able to produce cartoons to almost professional broadcast standard with free software. The untrained eye could not tell the difference. He and I have talked about producing some of the satirical scripts that we wrote.

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  11. Great show Richie. Sadly, it seems many in this ‘movement’ don’t get the big picture. Many just want to talk in the same circles, and pander to the same brain dead assholes who claim to be nationalists, but then bring Jim Fetzer on their show to talk about false flags and other pointless topics. I am waiting for the next Kyle Hunt and Robert Reyvolt show where they say you have links to Hal Turner because you two live in New Jersey. Keep fighting the good fight Richie and Joe, and lets just win baby! We don’t have another choice.

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    • So is that the story now from that crowd? GD it’s hard to keep up with all of this shit. One goofy fuck after the other. I have to say I’m surprised by Kyle Hunt, I saw some real promise in that man, unfortunately he wastes his time with unhinged kooks like Charlie Guiliani, and is probably planning his next show on the latest and greatest conspiracy. Very sad… Hope some of these guys come back to reality soon!


      • I wish I could say I am surprised by Kyle, but I cannot. I heard some of his work in his star theory days and I see more of that coming into his work lately. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but I cannot do that anymore. There is too much impractical nonsense over there these days for me to support them. I think the idea of Trump being real scares these folks. The main reason is, many of their supporters will abandon them and jump on the Trump train and try to make real change, and they will have no one to play a internet Fuhrer over. Whether or not Trump is the real deal is kind of irrelevant at this point. He is the only candidate with an agenda similar to ours with a snowballs chance in hell of winning, and these ass clowns attack him because he does not say Jew in every sentence. I wonder if these anti Trump white nationalists really want a country that is run by Hillary Clinton, or Jeb Bush. It kind of seems like it.


      • Donald Trump has not and will not take Jewish $$$

        He has not and will not take corporate money with strings attached.

        Trump has a taken a hardline on immigration, a hardline against non white crime, a hardline against Muslims, a hardline against these shitty trade deals, he’s already on the outs with Israel, and has it right on Putin and Syria…

        All this guy does by the week is add another position in line with the rest of us.

        Yet we have the WN kooks and Joo conspiracy cranks telling us that he’s a stooge and he can’t be trusted?

        For the life of me I don’t get it?

        We need to run with this…

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      • Mark in Jew York // December 14, 2015 at 6:48 pm //

        That the fact that he said to an all Jewish crowd that you don’t like me and won’t vote for me because I won’t take your money speaks volumes!

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  12. Thanks to Trump, fringe news enters the mainstream

    If you read this and the comments very carefully and objectively, a couple of things become very clear.

    Mainstream news media is dying and must reinvent itself. The term ‘journalism’ has become perverted, irrelevant and outed as just a bad propaganda tool in the hands of those who control it.
    ie. real propaganda must be truthful to be effective. Now that media and ‘journalism’ is firmly in the marxists/left grip, the lies have piled up so high they are falling upon one another and being rejected by the average person.

    But Rich, just as you have correctly ascertained, the alternative has become a ‘conspiracy’ alternative.
    Alternative should be just the opposite, a contrast of the marxist ‘progressiveness’ with traditional, empirical proven observations, truth, facts, and conclusions that lead people back to their natural beneficial self interest, prosperity, and preservation.

    That is to say, the contrast can only be presented in the form of a hard and sober but simple set of questions.

    Are the ‘values’ perpetrated by the Marxist social engineers a ‘benefit’ or detrimental and destructive to the founding peoples of a society?
    Are the traditional culture/values a ‘benefit’ or detrimental and destructive to the founding peoples of a society?

    Becoming a ‘conspiracy’ alternative has not only left us a target to be ridiculed but is breathing life into Mainstream media as a legitimate arbitrator to the public.

    Being a ‘conspiracy’ alternative shields the public away from exposure to the hard and sober but simple set of questions to even consider and contemplate.

    Instead it leaves one staring into the depths of a bottomless pit seeing only whatever can be conjured up from the depths of imagination and fantasy. Spawns a cottage industry polluting those few unabated lines and channels of communication.
    Exposing those lines and channels of communication to all types of ‘psyop’ machinations creating, injecting, entrenching ever more time wasting , opinions, arguments, division, and confusion.
    Limiting our effectiveness, credibility, clogging up those precious but limited arteries leading to a self induced heart attack.
    But, it’s not suicidal, again it’s ALL the jews fault.

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  13. I don’t get it either. This movement has been asking ‘where are all the rich Anglo-Saxon men at?’ Now we finally have one. And people want to waste this opportunity. Looking at the French elections today, the National Front didn’t win a fucking seat. Is that what these Anti Trump WN’s want?

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  14. This is superb thinking folks. What a joy to hear your wise and far-thinking opinions. We have been trying to do what you chatted about, in your show, for a long time. Now, I have had an agreement from Dr. Tom Sunic, he will take possession of the role of Ambassador For People Of European Origin. We have our bank account set up, and are ready to go. Take a genuine viewing of our charter, and let us know if we can collaborate.

    John Stephens.

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    Get on over there and put your two cents in gentlemen.

    Defend our position!

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  16. Mike from NWF // December 14, 2015 at 1:43 pm // Reply

    This is an absolutely awesome idea.

    We may have a few disagreements on your definition of “escapism” but I’m capable of putting that aside and as you say “seeing a bigger picture.”

    Unfortunately our individualism will strain this, along with people’s egos and putting aside their current message and own ideas which have gone nowhere.

    I hope I’m wrong but most of these people won’t put aside naming the JEW, as they see that as our top priority, albeit a “priority” that goes no where and accomplishes ZERO.

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  17. The two of you don’t seem to understand the power of our enemy.

    The minute this gets off the ground the Jew will infiltrate and destroy it. Either through legal means or financial they will kill.

    But nice try.


  18. David great, now go hideout and ‘wait for the right time’ someplace else.
    This site and I have clearly stated #weakwhitemen are not wanted.

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  19. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    This is exactly what we need. Real practical solutions to our problems. Do we not have any millionaires on our side. They don’t even have to show themselves. Just get the money to guys like Rich & Joe so we can get the ball rolling. There has to be some wealthy guys out there willing to fund this..


    • Nope, it’ll have to be grass roots, subscription based, a set monthly fee for all of us… whether it’s $20 or $30 bucks a month it’ll all have to be decided by the people involved.

      I’m thinking a platform with at least 200 employees or more to start with paid salaries, a legal defense fund, and other operating costs would have to be in the millions.

      We’re talking 25-50 million dollars a year, minimum.

      It sounds like a tall order but it can be done.

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      • When do you & Joe intend to get this going Rich?


      • I’ve put some Irish teens I just met onto your site Rich. I drive a cab & 3 lads got in, they started talking about Mein Kampf & how they wanted to read it. My ears pricked up immediately as you can imagine. They have amazing knowledge for such young guys. They know all the historical lies, our current plight, the poison of feminism, pretty much everything & they’re only 15 & 16 yrs old. I’m very impressed I have to say, I knew fuck all about this when I was that age.
        They like what you’re doing here & who knows they might have some suggestions. Our young men are going to have fresh new ideas, they’re the ones we need to reach out to.


      • We just rolled out the idea… now we have to figure out who and/or what qualifies as legitimate.

        And I hate to break this to a lot of you, but we need a GIANT PURGING within our own circles here on Internet land.

        What a waste of time these people are.

        Core Principles must be set.

        A serious conversation about the Joo and all this conspiracy non-sense has to be weeded out.

        Exposing the Joo is not, and cannot be a core principle! This will be a GIANT hurdle.

        Personalities must come together and join efforts.

        A lot of shit has to be put into place, I’m thinking about a lot of it now.

        Joe is really the guy to talk to though… He’s already mapped out a lot of the technicals.

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      • @fuhrurious,

        This do I long to hear. My own people rejecting the Anti-gaelic narrative pushed by all the media and all of the Judeo-“Christian” Churches. Because Ireland was an island, our controllers easily insulated it from outside influences and turned this place into an open-air brainwashing camp. Thankfully, in the age of the Internet, this strategy is proving more and more impossible. Will find a way of contacting you. We need ESPECIALLY to contact our women. Yeah, there are Yellow-feverred and oil-drilling men, but it is Irish Women, especially, that are going full tilt at this race mixing. I remember a blonde-haired blue-eyed supermodel looking woman saying that she had a black over for dinner. I am pretty sure that he had desert as well, if you know what I’m saying.


      • When White men become weak, pussified, soft, fat, dumb and undesirable… That is the end result!


  20. #weakwhitemen
    “The people we regard as the laziest, rudest, most promiscuous, drunken drug-takers are white men in their twenties,” YouGov said.
    Here is the link :


  21. Keep in mind, this is another example of the media defining who and what we are, another example of the need for our independent media distribution platform.

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  22. This is such a brilliant idea guys, I don’t pretend to know how it can be done. Excuse my ignorance on this but as you mention on the show, who the heck would qualify or as the guest suggested “meet the standards” what are the standards? If it is Jew this and Jew that and conspiracy people, and seig heil Hitler people where will that go? No “normal” people want that, they run away from the Jew obsessed crowd. If the people on there have a Jew centered message you will attract nothing but freaks.

    Sam ;))


  23. [audio src="" /]


  24. Dave_In_Ohio // December 21, 2015 at 1:44 pm // Reply

    People need to step back and seriously reevaluate the Hitler worship.
    News Flash. HItler LOST, and BADLY.
    If might makes right, as Hitler said, then doesn’t history show Hitler was wrong?
    By following Hitler you are following one of history’s biggest losers. It’s just the brutal reality.
    It’s like people get redpilled, realize Hitler did some good things and had some good points, then totally lose their critical thinking. I have good friends who refuse to entertain ANY criticism of the guy, even when Hitler’s positions on various things contradict their own deeply help philosophies. What the hell is going on?


    • Maybe this better explains the cult phenomenon?


      • Dave_In_Ohio // December 21, 2015 at 3:14 pm //

        I think it really was a cult back then in Germany and we are dealing with a remnant of the cult today. I’ll admit I dabbled in the mentality briefly, but my desire for the whole truth pulled me out of it. Cults don’t seek truth, they just seek to propagate the cult.


  25. What an awesome show, this idea is fantastic. You say others aren’t promoting it. Why do you believe this is the case? What is the reason?


    • Mostly egos and stupidity, as many with followings and websites on Internet land are Joo obsessed kooks with a hobby of chasing down boogeymen and “exposing” the intricate details of every crank pot conspiracy theory out there.

      A lot of people think Alex Jones has done a lot of good in waking people up, maybe, but just like David Duke with this Joo shit, and David Icke with the Lizard men, he veers them off into 50 different directions with a focus on weird unsubstantiated claims and whacky shit that leads people down a path to nowhere!

      A New Movement for Truth has Arisen, and it’s called: Power Through Discipline

      You either join it, or go back to playing with the hobbyist retards that run around in circles all day long!


  26. Great website!


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