Arthur Kemp Interview… Still very relevant today!


A few things before you watch this: #1 – this “interviewer” and/or “radio host” is terrible, he might be the worst I’ve ever heard, so please don’t be distracted by his idiocy. #2 – for all things relevant to today, please fast forward to about the 28:00 minute mark of the show. #3 – it’s a real shame that we need a British observer to tell us where we’ve went wrong (and continue to go wrong) and what needs to be done in our own damn country!

21 Comments on Arthur Kemp Interview… Still very relevant today!

  1. yup, he nails it. and that was 6 fukin years ago and where are we today ?
    Oh I forgot……….we are winning …
    why we need

    People For the American Way: PFAW
    Norman Lear, Founding Chair
    Michael Keegan, President
    PFAW led an unprecedented six-state campaign in 2012 that helped President Obama win a decisive portion of America’s growing Latino vote and thus a second term as President. In 2013.

    Here is the kind of constant crap I receive from this one of many Marxist political activist fronts.
    PFAW Match Alert


    As news has circulated throughout the day about last night’s
    Trump rally in Las Vegas, things that were reportedly shouted as a
    Black Lives Matter protester was dragged include, “Shoot
    him!” and “Sieg Heil!” Amidst the melee, as another
    protester was taken out, it was reported a Trump supporter screamed,
    “He’s a Muslim guy! He’s a Muslim guy!”

    This makes the early days of the Tea Party movement look tame!

    Help PFAW counter the Right’s extremism by renewing for 2016
    with a donation of $7 or more now to unlock our Debate Day Match
    See folks it takes money and these marxists in spite of all the high roller funding are constantly trying and continue to succeed to manipulate money using slander, lies and the flimsiest basest emotional tactics.
    But you are constantly told, “It’s hopeless because they just print all the money they need”, then please explain to me their myriad of constant fund raisers ?
    Something does not add up!

    die off arguing
    whether its suicide or genocide
    which joo and what joo
    masons/ jesuits/ pope / aliens / flat earth/ who did it and why
    planes or no planes / building 7
    we have ‘TRUTH’ on our side, like a tree falling in the woods and nobody is there to see it, does it make a sound?
    hiding in the woods/ a new white homeland in the north pole
    following so-called leaders who couldn’t even get elected dog catcher in their own home town
    following so-called leaders who have no job, no wife, no children
    and of course the number One Wn CAMPAIGN SLOGAN
    “waaaaah.the joos won’t let us”


    • #WeakWhitemen boo hoo, hoo, they won’t “let us” do it, they’re too strong, let’s just do another show exposing the Joo boogie man… Boo hoo hoo…


      Man the FUCK UP, and take back what’s rightfully yours!!!

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  2. As a matter of fact right now I’m challenging all of my listeners and visitors to this radio show and website…

    Start storming the comment sections of these other websites pushing the #WeakWhiteMale approach of exposing the Joo boogie man. Comment under their radio shows, and videos, call them out for pushing a failed “approach” and call them out for doing nothing!

    Start here:

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  3. How many Wns does it take to change a light bulb?
    1 to carry the ladder
    1 to carry the bulb
    1 to scream “the joos won’t let us”
    100’s to blog about the joos keeping Wns in ther dark
    100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining the joo induced psychological/genetic factors keeping Wns in the dark
    100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining how the jooish light bulb conspiracy is hindering European birth rates
    100’s to write books about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
    100’s to broadcast in the internet ghettos about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
    100’s to broadcast in the internet ghettos about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
    100’s to videos about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
    1000’s to flood comment sections crying about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
    1 guy from Jersey to grab the ladder and set it up, grab the light bulb, climb up the ladder and change the light bulb and turn the light back on
    1Wn to scream “the joos using light bulbs to blind us”
    100’s to blog about the joos using light bulbs blinding Wns
    100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining the joo induced psychological/genetic factors how and why joos using light bulbs blinded Wns
    100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining how the joos using light bulbs is hindering European birth rates
    100’s to write books about the joos using light bulbs
    100’s to broadcast in the internet ghettos about joos using light bulbs
    100’s to broadcast in the internet ghettos about the joos using light bulbs
    100’s to videos about the joos using light bulbs
    1000’s to flood comment sections crying about the joos using light bulbs


  4. Simply put, we just do it.

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  5. 2012- Total number of elected offices: 537 (President, Vice President, 435 US House Members, 100 Senators). According to the Census data, there are more than 87,000 local and state governments constituting more than 511,000 offices.
    Not one Wn elected to any of them….. if that doesn’t tell you something.


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  7. While I agreed with some points this guy made his talk of Jew power being a ‘conspiracy’ & 9/11 being done by Muslims lost him all credibility. In my opinion anyone who denies Jew power today is also a #weakwhiteman. You know I agree with you Rich that #weakwhitemen got us into this mess by becoming weak minded but there is no denying Jew control of our media which has a huge influence on the way white people think & live their lives, that is not a conspiracy. Jew control of finances too has a huge impact on our lives, they also use their financial clout to buy our representatives, that is not a conspiracy.

    No the Jew is not a superman but they do hold immense power today through their control of both those things.

    What I found funny was his talk of the BNP. Well his precious BNP were wiped out in the last elections by a kosher party called UKIP. Controlled opposition destroyed his party, maybe he should think about that for a minute.
    UKIP were set up specifically to catch the nationalist vote, to take it away from more radical parties like BNP & it worked very well. He also obviously understands nothing about the communist Jewish role in the downfall of STH Africa.

    And him blaming WNs for the current state of America totally flummoxed me. It wasn’t white nationalists that changed civil rights. It wasn’t white nationalists that set up the fed. It wasn’t white nationalists that changed immigration policy. There have been WNs who stood against these things that were totally demonised in the Jew media, yes the Jew media.

    Rich you were the one that opened my eyes to the Jewish problem when I listened to your TM shows. As I’ve stated yes #weakwhitemen are a huge part of our problem. But I will not ignore what Jewish power is doing to this world. We should focus on our own people yes but never lose sight of these parasites.

    After all if we do take our countries back we will need to keep in mind what the jew does. They will have to be kept out of any positions of power. Expulsion is the only option for me. That’s the thinking of #Strongwhitemen.

    I’ll reblogged this before listening thinking I’d agree. I’ll be deleting that now. I can’t endorse someone that thinks Muslims did 9/11 & obviously has no compression of Jew power.

    His blindness to Jewish power makes him a #weakwhiteman.


    • That’s the whole point, conspiracies and yelling “it’s the jews” hasn’t won not one position of power to change or do anything.
      All it has done is divided whites and put not just so-called Wn’s behind the 8 ball politically, economically, but the friggin white race WORLD WIDE!.
      So if you are serious about doing what it takes to win, well then start by NOT doing what it takes NOT TO WIN!


      • Yes Joe but we are going to come up against Jew power if we start to get any sort of traction. How do you propose we deal with that?
        I understand acting the Nazi or skinhead has got us nowhere & we need a new approach, I’m with you 100% on this. But I can’t see the Jews lying down and giving up their hold on us like #weakwhitemen did decades ago.
        This guy seems to think the Jew isn’t a problem at all which is total horseshit. And Muslims doing 9/11, come on for fucks sake. Don’t be taken in by his nice posh British accent as I know a lot of you yanks are. He’s not as clever as he thinks he is. His method got the BNP fucking nowhere either Joe.


    • So because of a difference of opinion on 911, and his take that the Jews aren’t as powerful as you believe they are you throw out everything else the man said?

      Does that seem logical fuhrerious?

      The man made excellent points about the whack jobs that have kept us back, and have probably retarded our progress back another 100 years.

      Are Jews a problem? Certainly

      But they are only a problem on a WEAK host. Jews are just an organized parasitical nusense that would never have the influence they have in a strong healthy society headed by real men. White Americans and Europeans are the primary consumers of their filth, and they take in and swallow it with a big stupid smile on their face.


      • I didn’t throw out everything he said. Read my first comment again please. I do agree with some of what he said. I do agree we need a fresh approach. Believe me I know our people are a total mess. If white men had stayed strong Jews would never have gained so much. But the fact remains whites did become weak & Jews have a lot of power over us now because of that. Ignore that at your peril.

        And who’s to say his method will work. It did not work for the BNP in Britain did it. They’ve been wiped out. Recognising the jew is essential to us because it means any fledgling movement by U.S. will not be infiltrated by these rats. Believe me they will try as they always do. They’ve done it to the Front National in France for fucks sake. What looked like a promising political party is now kosher.

        In my opinion we should focus on our own people but never take your eye off what the Jew is doing.


  8. One other thing, try telling the 50 million+ killed by Jewish communism in Russia it’s a conspiracy.


    • In all seriousness Fuhrerious, all the conspiracy shit, and Jew talk doesn’t achieve anything. I disagree with Rich on religion more that anything else, but on this he is 100% right. I’m 52 years old. Been at this for a long while. I spent a good 25 years or so researching conspiracies and exposing the Jew. You know what it got me?

      A failed marriage and a divorce
      Financial problems I’m still not out of.
      Health problems I’m still trying to overcome
      Drove away a lot of good people that I no longer have communication with
      Along with a litany of other shit

      Rich is right on this front, it doesn’t get us any where, it hasn’t got us any where, and we need a different approach.


      • Yes I agree we need a new approach but never taking our eye off the enemy.


      • One other thing I don’t regard 9/11 as a conspiracy. Conspiracy is a word banded around by the media to discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with the official narrative. Yes there are some nutty ‘conspiracies’ but 9/11 isn’t one. There’s no doubt it was an Israeli operation.

        Just to make things clear I’m not here to start any shit. I just don’t agree with everything this guy has to say. Him blaming WNs for Americas problems was fucking laughable tbh, now that’s something a Jew would say 😂😉


  9. fuhrerious88 Now do you understand why we advocate personal improvement, control of your local government, strong communities, and most of all our own independent media distribution platform. Relying only on a national political party or only any one thing is so fukin stupid.
    You want to learn a valuable lesson from the NSDAP ?
    Even Hitler in reflection remarked, good thing the Putsch failed because they certainly were not ready to run anything and they would have failed at possibly their only and last chance..
    Well they controlled most if not all of the provincial local governments via gauleiters. they had their own media, they started a cultural revolution through the country side promoting German traditionalism, they mentored the youth creating economic relief, strong minds, bodies, and souls.
    Those guys were the smartest, brightest (meritocracy) as serious as a friggin heart attack in a mostly homogeneous nation and it STILL took a persistant, consistent, monumental effort of over a dozen years. When that opportunity presented itself, man were they ever ready to take over and run the damn place.
    They were not all about yelling jew and the stab in the back, they finally appealed when they started performing and presenting SOLUTIONS, economical as well as political and (cultrual) societal.
    WHY do most MISS that ?
    A olympic boxer going pro first match is not with the reigning world champ, he might think he’s ready but the trainer and coach no better, they build him up and equip him with the experience and knowledge to at the very least have a slim chance.


  10. [audio src="" /]


  11. Dave_In_Ohio // December 21, 2015 at 1:39 pm // Reply

    Why didn’t the white nationalists STOP the Jewish “civil rights” agenda? Why didn’t they even mount a serious opposition? I think that is Kemp’s point.


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