PTD Christmas Music Stream


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From now until after “Our Holiday” the 24/7 PTD Radio Stream will be playing Christmas music all day long 24 hours a day! Tune in at home, at work, in the car, and enjoy it. Click the stream to tune in now!

9 Comments on PTD Christmas Music Stream

  1. What, no Mariah Carey, gospel, soul, or hip hop “Christmas” Sing alongs?

    I’m disappointed Rich!

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    • By the way, I know it’s the least of our problems, but this got me thinking, why do black people celebrate the Yuletide?


      • Thats why I support Kwanza.

        We should fully support and back Kwanza. I work in a very diverse atmosphere and push Kwanza right their with our holiday to enhance the separation. I act like a typical liberal white woman, only one with an agenda. This is very easy to do, and should be done by everyone.

        Just my 2cents,

        Sam ;))

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      • That’s a great strategy Sam. I’m not “lucky” enough to get that “opportunity” everyday. But seriously, those that do should definitely do this!


    • No cultural appropriation here Tim, it’s not allowed on PTD.


  2. Hey Rich, when’s the next show brother?

    Gotta get one out before Christmas, no?


  3. Excellent idea. Nice to have you fellas on our side. We’ll put as much advertising/PR your way as we can. Christmas is a good time, whether you are a Christian or Yuletide Pagan type.

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  4. I would hate to be a person who didn’t have a spiritual side because there’s nothing to nourish you in life apart from retail therapy.


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