PTD Radio: Episode#29


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #29

***Time to Aim for Power***

On today’s show we expand on the need for an independent media distribution platform, why there’s a leadership void, why we don’t have leaders, more on the problems we must overcome now, and the changes we have to make collectively for a broader mass appeal. Storming the Stormer. An email from Matt in the UK was covered along with a Trump story and an interview with Arthur Kemp! The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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19 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#29

  1. Hey Richie just tuning in. I have to say, some of the shit I have heard people say in the WN movement is just insane. Hearing old childless cat ladies refer to the people in her neighborhood as ‘targets’ and encourage our young people essentially live in a tent for the rest of their lives. That bull shit will just keep the people we need, to stay away. I find it rather telling that a black guy was the only one to ask about your PTD shirt. Just show there is a lot of work to be done. Just win!!


    • Just Win Baby… Just Win!

      But yes, that’s what these sites have become… Bitch corners for men that act like fucking woman crying about a Jew that won’t let them out of the house!


  2. Rich,

    Great show my Man. Poor David Duke only gets a comment or two per show over at the Stormer, until you started your scorched earth policy of destruction.

    As much as I can’t bear to listen to his radio program, I will say that he was instrumental in my awakening several years ago and his YT videos are pretty good at raising awareness of the JQ.

    A Man I used to work with made a comment one time when I voiced my displeasure about having to hear the same speech every morning. He said “You have heard it so much you’ll never forget, but you do forget that these people are hearing it for the first time”.

    I went from very unaware to awake in short order, and now I am listening to your message. Many others will follow suit.

    The point about reaching out to other people is very good. I will be working on that.

    Take care and a Merry Christmas to the PTD family.


    • Well hopefully they get their asses over here, and clean up their own shit so we can get this ball rolling.

      Anyway, as always brother Eric… Thank you for the kind words and wishes!

      Merry Christmas


  3. dear rich. again anther good show.having a mainstream radio and history and news and entertainment is a practical solution.alot of young white people who are salvageable are starved of quality they have never seen real quality news or real history.the mainstream media is on shakey ground and their panicing.this void needs to be filled.good job.ihope to subscribe.


  4. Lol, I know you weren’t aiming for comedy Rich and Joe but those comments over there are hysterical, yet down right sad from the hitler fanatic gamer hobbyists over there. Every other comment is an accusation of being a Jew. So sad that, that is what passes for a white movement. Seig heiling hitter, calling other whites Jews, and acting like trash. Everything you guys said was about getting them to see how their message and lack of action is a waste of time, but some will never get it. Oh well, hopefully some passer byes got the message. I still can’t understand Anglin’s agenda, what are they trying to become another Stormfront WN bitch corner? Why doesn’t that guy organize “something” with the following over there? Is it because he knows most on there are a waste of time? Seriously I’m really starting to wonder?


    • In all seriousness Tim, you should fire those questions on over there, because for the life of me, I haven’t got the slightest idea?


    • That’s exactly what it is, it’s a bitch corner that pushes not one practical idea. It doesn’t encourage anyone to actually do anything. It’s just another website that exposes the Jew, but doesn’t talk about what should and can be done now. As you’ve correctly pointed out, the problem is in our backyard, and a lot of it stems from the freak show on these websites.

      I know you like Anglin Rich, for what reason I can’t figure out? But I think it’s time you moved on and realize that he’s operating stormfront 2 over there attracting nothing but losers. Stick to what you’re doing o we here, and let guys like me get normal people over here.


  5. Just a thought Rich, maybe you should put those core ideas you mentioned into a written platform from the show of what an independent organized new media would cover. People like to see stuff in writing.

    Just a thought,

    Sam ;))


  6. Another great show Rich, enjoy your vacation bro and have a great Christmas brother.


  7. Enjoy your little getaway there Rich, it was fun meeting up with you guys there last year. By the way I’ll be over through in March, I’ll be crashing the night with you. I’ll be expecting a full fridge too. I’ll bring you some venicine if you want it? Let me know.

    Merry Christmas to the family,

    Send my love!


  8. Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  9. Great show Rich. I want a couple of those PTD shirts you talked about..
    Have a great vacation up in Pennsylvania with your family Rich, enjoy it. Well be spending our holidays near home, we are expecting a new warrior in our family around new years eve.
    Have a merry christmas all of you and my fellow listeners.


  10. Jeff Bartlett // December 19, 2015 at 10:26 am // Reply

    Rich, what I would tell you is to stop wasting your time with people in those corners. Hit the pages of yahoo, breitbart, free republic, and post under the stories there. The cranks and Hitler freaks on these other websites are not on your level and they are not worth your time.

    You and Joe put out a great idea, and who went with it? Almost no one. Why? The reason why, is because there is no one. With the exception of a very, very small few there isn’t much out there to pick from.

    Think about it. What do these people focus on and talk about?

    1. The JEW
    2. The JEW
    3. The JEW

    After those “three” they move on to:

    4. The world of Conspiracy
    5. The art of whining
    6. Hitler worship
    7. Civil war 2
    8. Escapism
    9. Prepping
    10. Rahowa

    Can you people see the problem here?


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