It’s Happening… Hungarians to Launch New Media Platform!

image.jpeg WEDNESDAY, 23 DECEMBER 2015 The New Observer New Media Platform Needed: Hungarian Mayor A new media platform named “Custodela” will be created to influence public opinion in Europe on the third world invasion threat to its existence, the mayor of Ásotthalom in Hungary has announced. Speaking during a workshop held over the past weekend conference of patriots from around Europe, Mayor László Toroczkai said that an important weapon through which to effect political change was that of public opinion. The new media network will be set up on a distributed news basis, like a commercial news service such as Reuters.

This can then be used by cooperating patriotic parties, websites, and media outlets, after translating it to their local language. Mayor Toroczkai stressed that the news service will be run under the name of Custodela—a Latin word which means “protect,” and that it was not a new political party or movement. “There are more than enough parties already in existence, and there is no need for any new ones,” he said. “What is needed is cooperation on an international level to distribute the real news of what is happening on the borders and inside the ghettoes of the European cities.” The new media platform is set to be launched early in the new year, at which time further details for contributors and users will be made available.

4 Comments on It’s Happening… Hungarians to Launch New Media Platform!

  1. Maybe, just maybe now you Jew Boogeyman chasers will WAKE THE FUCK UP and realize what has to be done RIGHT NOW!!!


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