A Christmas Holiday Spent Staring into Blue-lit Screens

image Relatives Gather From Across The Country To Stare Into Screens Together Turning on the television while unpacking tablets, iPhones, and laptops from their suitcases, members of the McPherson family communed from across the nation this holiday season for several straight days of staring into electronic screens while in the same room together, sources confirmed Friday. 

“Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than sitting down on the couch with my parents and siblings, turning on the TV, and then proceeding to either look at the screen or gaze down into my glowing tablet display for hours on end,” 28-year-old Andrew McPherson told reporters, adding that he always felt most connected to his relatives when they were both silently gazing into glowing screens of some kind.

“It’s just great to get home for a while and spend some quality time not speaking a single word to my relatives, whether that’s by sipping hot cocoa with my sister while we both check our emails, or by gathering the whole clan for a nice holiday meal where everyone is fixedly looking down at the text messages on their phones—’tis the season, you know?”

McPherson noted he was sad, however, that Grandpa Sam would not be there to stare into screens with them this year.

Source: The Onion

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  1. We’ve got a lot to work on in the new year folks!

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  2. My own father commented recently on the trend of “screen staring” and the sickness of which it represents.

    Entire families on their devices sitting right next to each other and not a word uttered the whole time.

    I am glad I don’t own a television, smartphone or tablet, in fact the entire pseudo culture of modern man turning into the Borg(Mechanical Communists) makes me less and less sympathetic those those who wish to become a technocratic state.

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    I’ve even seen this shit in restaurants. Myself, the wife & our 3 children went out for dinner a few weeks back & another family with two kids were sitting at the next table. Both small children, around 6-8, had iPads. They watched them the whole time they were there with little communication from the parents, even when eating the meal for fucks sake. Contrast that with us where we talked & laughed like a family eating together should. Parents use these devices as babysitters, as a way to keep their children seen & not heard, it’s very sad to see.

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    • Frightening… especially when you see folks in the extended family doing this shit. I was at the in laws yesterday and saw much of it, but it wasn’t even the kids, it’s the adults!!!

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      • Not just the pseudo culture of screen staring without true socialization alone, but there evidence to support that young prepubescent girls who start using wireless devices have a higher chance of becoming infertile when they hit sexual maturity.

        Wireless frequencies harden the eggs which cannot become fertilized save artificial insemination, it’s bad enough trendy men are weak(Already effeminate and infertile) and Feminism makes young women abandon the traditional role of women.

        So both socially speaking and physically in many ways we as a species are become sterile and mechanical unfit to survive when SHTF.

        Reproduction and strong traditional family roles is what made us it will also save us in the coming Ice-Age, with the exception of those who physically and mentally cannot.

        Hard times lay ahead.

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  6. SHTF????????????
    When is this fantasy to take place ?


  7. You could say it already happened so it is no fantasy. But no circumstance is equal after all.


  8. if you are referring to the next Ice-Age, it is projected a “Mini-ice” age by 2030-40 But there is no harm in preparation. Readiness is an Inherit European strength.

    One should not lose such a quality.


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