PTD Website Update!

image Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas! First I'd like to personally thank all of you, for listening to my shows, participating on the website, plugging my material on others, and all of your kind words and acts of support, generosity, and continued encouragement. Without you, none of this would exist, and I wouldn't do what I do, so once again, thank you!

I wish that I could correspond on more of a regular basis, and develop personal relationships with many of you. Unfortunately, circumstances and an extremely busy life/schedule does not exactly allow for that!

At the end of every year, I like to self-reflect, examine what I’ve accomplished, what worked, what didn’t work, and what needs to be fixed, changed, scratched, or improved. I also make it a disciplined habit to set practical, attainable, achievable goals moving forward. That’s what responsible people DO. They don’t just say it, or do it for the 1st two weeks of the year, they make it happen!

Heading into the new year I’ll be making a few changes, improving a few things, and focusing my efforts on building a larger more powerful base of support.

In 5 months of operation, over 40,000 unique visitors have come to the website. With about 400-500 per day. And 75 members in the PTD Radio Club.

That’s a start, but my objective is to get at least 3x times that number by the end of next year. Hopefully more with your help!

The message will stay the same, but my focus of attention and recruitment will change quite a bit.

In the next year much of my recruitment will be done in person, here locally. And the time I spend here on the Internet (off my website) will be on more mainstream conservative/traditionalist outlets.

A BIG part of that involves developing a message with core principles that attract regular “normal” successful, capable, talented people!

I have added them to the About Section of my website with a picture of myself holding the most important person in my life right now!

I’ll have more to say on this approach and these core principles, with another BIG announcement on my next show! My next one, will be the last show for 2015. I’d love to make it a long one and have some of you guys (if possible) call in. If you don’t have the time, or scheduling isn’t good, no worries. I was planning on doing the show around 12:00 pm EST this Tuesday. If you’re interested in coming on the show or calling in for a few minutes that would be great.

For those that can participate, the guest call in number is: 619-924-0832

One final note: 2016 brings us a new year, which means I’ll be starting up a new Radio Club subscription, one donation covers you for the entire year. If you’re no longer with us, I wish you all the best with your future endeavors, in whatever it is that you do, make an impact out there folks! For those of you in a financial hardship let me know, and we’ll make some other arrangement, I want all of you on board once again, and I’ll never let money get in the way of that!

Thank You,

Wishing all of us the best going forward… a Powerful year with hardcore Discipline!



3 Comments on PTD Website Update!

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  2. Dave_In_Ohio // December 29, 2015 at 2:06 pm // Reply

    Focusing on the more traditional/mainstream conservative outlets is a smart idea. Talking practical sense with the majority of WN internet hobbyists is like talking to a brick wall, or a stubborn irrational child, I’ve found. has a very active comments section, and its readers are fairly edgy.

    PTD is great, and so important. Thank you for all your work.


    • Much agreed Dave. I post on Breibart just about everyday and always make it a point to link here, I do the same under Yahoo articles. I suggest everyone else do the same!


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