PTD Radio: Episode#30


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #30

***Time for a New Movement***

On today’s show we talked about the holiday experience… my personal experience with it… a review of 2015 and our future here at PTD. Much of the show focused on self-reflection, what we can do to empower ourselves going forward into the new year, and how we get rid of our own personal limitations and handicaps! Most importantly, we talked about building a new movement here, with a new direction, which is what I feel like I’m doing. Removing ourselves from the crowd of Kooks out there, and covering our core principles and attainable goals in depth with calls from Mike and Joe. The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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29 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#30

  1. Another fantastic show,

    Great Call from Mike too!

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  2. This should be the a prerogative for everyone. Working and networking on the internet has its purpose, but it has its limitations as well. Go out and meet and recruit traditionalist conservative people. They are all over rural America, and probably all over your ow town.

    -Sam ;))

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    • You’ll find this true 99% of the time, liberal/leftist are there for some minority/immigrant event and helping local community whites are normally conservative minded people.
      Why are we abandoning our volk who DO have a natural community instincts?
      Why are Wn’s slicing and dicing our strength and numbers into small factions of christian/pagan, Hitlerean/non-Hitlerean, jew centric/ jew non centric, old/young etc.?
      Just contribute in building STRONG community and STRONG whitemen/women, not all but much will resolve itself.
      Why push the stone uphill?


      • That would involve getting up off the couch mr. Northpal now wouldn’t it?

        -Sam ;))


      • M Stormens // January 2, 2016 at 5:06 pm //

        I thought that the NPI /TRS guided alt right were being herded into an all new inclusivity ‘no enemies on the right of libertarians type ethos ? What with Homosexual , Jews; non whites etal being welcomed …


  3. Good show man.
    I wish you all a happy new year.

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  4. Too much practical advise for the mioptic, small mind to comprehend. I almost never go to racial websites anymore. Filled with idiots that just complain. At least the conservative mainstream sites are about taking back power politically and running serious candidates!


  5. Dynamite stuff Rich, great calls from Mike and Joe.

    Dude just keep pushing forward, you know, I know, we all know that your message cuts to the bone and it’s the right one. This site is a diamond in the rough. Be patient my friend, you’re building it up, now let it grow.


  6. I caught a link on Breitbart, in the comments, I’ve been streaming your show on the player. Great stuff man, I love your attitude and NE accent bro. How does your radio club work? Do I get shows emailed to me, do I stream them from the player, where do I access it and what is cost per-month. Thank you


  7. Do you have a Bitcoin account or Google Wallet?

    I don’t use PayPal.


    • I’m actually looking into Google Wallet, it seems like it could be much better than PayPal as they don’t charge fees!

      I might have one up and running by today or tomorrow.


  8. Rich, check your email, I designed a PTD Business card, I can print up 1,000 for $11.99 but just want to get your ok before I order them and start handing them out.


  9. Have you ever wondered what those Keyboard Commando’s in one of those chatrooms looks like…

    Here’s a play by play…

    -Perfect example of laking quality…complete with Gomer Pyle accent, haircut and buck teeth.
    -Typical libertarian conspiracy theorist (with paranoia about how authority is out to get them).
    -Sputtering out Common Law nonsense (that actually doesn’t work in courts…Well maybe he could get off on insanity).
    -Goes to interview dressed like a slob in flip-flops with poor posture…wearing a 911 T-shirt trying to “wake up” the world to his niche sub-culture.
    -Complete with stupid arrest photo with dumb-ass ear-to-ear grin.

    For an example of main-stream people’s reactions; just read the video’s comment section. Not winning a lot of followers…

    Memorize this face Brothers…Believe me, this person would sit in any organizational meeting nitpicking every resolution, changeling people to define their terms, etc…creating dissension; weirding out ordinary and accomplished people who we would rather be organizing with. If you find one in your midsts make them feel unwelcome.
    But more importantly, where are you drawing him in from? To be successful in sales you have to know where to prospect, who to go after, who not to waste your time on, who is for real, who is serious.

    Seek out quality people. This is why Rich’s work of trying to reach out to the main stream instead of sub-cultures is so important.


    • Does’nt Rich look rather old on that footage?..

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      • Ericthered // January 1, 2016 at 8:06 pm //

        As much as I loved DWP, his approach was ultimately a failed approach which was also Jew focused and did not focus enough attention on running people for positions in local office. It pushed normal white people away, as far too many of the members that were attacked to the NA were very much part of that freakish crowd you’re trying to distance yourself from.

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  10. Your suggestion for a New Movement is timely. I would like to hear more.

    I enjoy your show as it is refreshing to hear mature, strong, no non sense, common sense and practical, real world advise, suggestions, conversation and talk from Men

    Good Luck


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