Another Great Trump Video!

Great Insight into the mind of the average working class American! Pay attention to what they want, notice they don’t mention a damn thing about any CONspiracy, or the Boogyman.

Hint, hint… They don’t give a flying fuck! Winning strategies people. Feed them what they want, touch their hearts and their souls. Listen very closely to why the average voter loves Donald Trump… some of whom, haven’t voted in years, nor gave a shit about an election result. So much is tied into this election, we need to squeeze every bit of positive out of it over the next year!

5 Comments on Another Great Trump Video!

  1. joenorthpal // January 2, 2016 at 4:10 am // Reply

    Can’t you see how the joos are orchestrating this all, they are giving you false hope.
    We have to just keep ‘waking’ people up by exposing the joo.
    We are sooo effective and winning that now the joo must give us a independent self made billionaire like Trump who is using our talking points (because only ‘WE’ are aware there is a immigration problem, etc.) to try and take us down.
    When finally the SHTF, the grid, water, food, political, financial, communication, transportation,law enforcement, systems go down will we finally have the opportunity to do what we are unable to do (like having families) WITH all those systems in place.

    We cannot NOW organize or cooperate because of infiltration, but when everything collapses (all joo controlled), we will instinctively know what to do, who is who, flawless cooperation, and communication via the ancient magical Aryan telepathy and skills we possessed until the joos stole it from us replacing it with Christianity.

    Then WATCHOUT world, we will be on the march, a million hearts beating as one.

    So, STOP seeing the BIG picture, STAY away from responsibilities, STAY uninvolved, STOP creating quality communities, businesses, STAY outside of this joo reality, just concentrate on the joo, tell everyone to do THEIR own research and keep using joo social media ‘waking’ people up!

    Then and only then can we go to the stars.
    Until then, let’s just enjoy more whine than the Romans and Greeks combined.


    • Right on target once again Joe!

      Fucking homerun bud.

      I was over at the parents house tonight, they live in an area filled with plenty of wealthy, successful white people and business owners.

      After spending enough time with folks that WIN, and WIN consistently, you pick up on the fact that they don’t obsess over losing positions that the average Joe and the average consumer (potential client) out there doesn’t give a flying fuck about, nor can they understand or care to understand the complex nature of the “truth” that you’re trying to get across to these folks.

      I came to the firm believe towards the end of those TM shows that the shit was not / is not going to hit the fan, the grid won’t go out (not for very long), water and food will not run out, nor will our operating systems or government shutdown!

      People who WIN at life, throughout their existence here TAKE FUCKING ACTION. They don’t sit back on their fat ass and point their fucking fingers all day chasing down the Boogyman. Opportunity often has to be created. Organization, cooperation, and the need to professionalize has to start RIGHT NOW! The problem is Joe, we’ve been searching among a crowd of LOSERS!

      LOSERS… as you eloquently stated: STAY away from responsibilities, STAY uninvolved, STOP creating quality communities, businesses, STAY outside of this joo reality, just concentrate on the joo, tell everyone to do THEIR own research and keep using joo social media ‘waking’ people up!

      Time to implement plan B.

      More to come on my 1st show of 2016!!!


  2. Note how Trump keeps his message simple and talks in sound bites. Like all good propaganda, your message should be simple so the most simple minded members of society can understand. The Marxists do, it so should we.

    No long drawn out explanations. If you have to explain yourself you have already lost them. Think of all the times people try to knit pick your arguments..don’t explain yourself, just make fun of their socks instead. LOL.


  3. Oh, and I remember learning in school that the average newspaper was written for people with a sixth grade reading ability…i.e. Spelling and vocabulary.
    And we thought people are too stupid to understand our message…maybe we’ve been to stupid to realize our approach hasn’t been working…


  4. joenorthpal // January 4, 2016 at 2:56 am // Reply

    Trump speaks simple and direct.
    So-called “edjucated” which is really no more than heavily Marxists indoctrinated schleps who want to write books and thesis that serve great in the bottom of a bird cage.
    The so-called mental ejaculation that accomplishes about as much as a circular firing squad.
    In other words, people who have no skills and try their damndest to avoid working for a living and then want you to pay them for their convoluted arguments why the shouldn’t.


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