PTD Radio: Episode#31


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #31

***Getting Back On Track***

On today’s show we talked about overcoming our struggles during this time of the year, and how we get ourselves back on the right track. Why getting the diet right, is more important than exercise. Uncovering the Ketogenic program, and how we get ourselves back into Ketosis super fast! A Detailed List of Foods, Keto-Stix and Ketone-Test-Strips, Proper Hydration, Sodium Intake, and Vitamin Supplementation were all covered in depth. The importance of switching up our routines, and shocking the body! How do we get the right people? Why websites without a subscription or membership base attract shit? Farrakhan’s Warning About What Will Happen If Donald Trump Becomes President. Obama’s Executive Gun Control, and the response from the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. All of this and more… the MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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10 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#31

  1. yup, good start my man..


  2. kerberos616 // January 6, 2016 at 6:12 pm // Reply

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  3. Excellent show Rich.

    I dropped 20 pounds last year and have the last stubborn 10 to go. Will give your Ketosis a test run and report back the results.

    This was a show that provided a concrete plan with steps to take for results. That’s why I support PTD because it’s not all doom and gloom, but rather a positive message.

    Take care Brother, and I promise not to talk about the H-Man on your website 😉


  4. I’m on Keto right now, feel fantastic, still have my slip up days on the weekends every now and then but within a few days I’m back in Ketosis.

    One thing I will say this was a real bitch in the beginning.

    This is not for weak people, you really do need serious discipline on this program. But once you get used to eating mostly good healthy fats and supplementing right, and doing everything you laid out here, it really does work wonders.


    • Very true Chris, not easy for the average person out there, Keto is all about hardcore discipline. There are no half measures here.

      The great part about it though, is that when you’re Keto-adapted for a long period of time, and you do have a slip up day, it only takes a few days (for me it’s 1 or 2) to get right back into Ketosis!


      • Ericthered // January 7, 2016 at 6:45 am //

        Come on Rich, I want to hear about the Joo Boogeyman and Putin and Russia, and Chemtrails, and WWIII, and Israel with some revision thrown in there.

        Why are you wasting critical time on health, diet and nutrition?

        Where are your priorities man? /sarc

        Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely not, but if you’re a committed person this program is truly a good one. It was actually 1st recommended to treat epilepsy I believe.


  5. @Ericthered Yeah that Rich sure is fukked up.
    How dare he ask white europeans to take any positive steps and responsibility in their lives ?
    How dare he ask white europeans to become a powerful disciplined force ?
    How dare he ask white europeans to take back control of their own communities?
    How dare he ask white europeans to be economically successful ?
    How dare he ask white europeans to have children and strong families?
    How dare he ask white europeans to be strong men/women mentors to the youth?
    How dare he ask white europeans to create their own independent media distribution platform?
    How dare he ask white europeans to act and be compensated like professionals?
    How dare he ask white europeans to stop being the victim and become the victor?
    How dare he ask white europeans to participate, advocate for their interests?
    How dare he ask white europeans to actually vote?
    How dare he provide white europeans with actual, historical proven solutions?
    How dare he reject a sisified ‘genocide’ victimhood mentality?
    How dare he reject a ‘all is lost’, the boogyman controls ANY and EVERYTHING suicidal philosophy?
    How dare he be a dissenting vocal disruption in the melodic whine “da joos won’t let us”?
    How dare he ask white europeans to exorcise their own destructive behavioral patterns?
    How dare he ask white europeans to stop supporting their enemies?
    How dare he ask white europeans to stop wasting time with troofer conspiracies?
    How dare he shit on #weakwhitemen?
    How dare he waste his time reaching NORMAL people instead of feeding the freak show?

    After all we are all just helpless, blameless innocent children taken advantage by the boogyman and there is NOTHING we can do or say about it?

    Now, is that fukked up or what?
    I personally can’t stand the guy. but at least we have fukked up guys like Rich to blame it all on.


  6. Great show Rich, way to start the new year. Resolutions might seem lame, but they are a good kick starter and everyday should be viewed as a new day!


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