US Marines led by Beta-male Cucks & Weak White Men


A BIG change is coming to the United States Marine Corps. Hint... "Gender Equality."

How a once proud military institution could be Cucked out to this extent is beyond my comprehension. That "men" would allow this to happen, is a complete and utter disgrace. Before you know it, the United States "Marine" Corpse will become just that... but again, this is what happens when #WeakWhiteMen are in charge! 

Read the story here…

5 Comments on US Marines led by Beta-male Cucks & Weak White Men

  1. joenorthpal // January 7, 2016 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    Draft, mandatory military service needs to be implemented to end this demented horse shit!
    We have historically seen what the results of such MORONIC decisions result in ala Boudica.
    Boudica’s army would have been more than 20 times the size of Suetonius and they were slaughtered.
    Reasons Why?
    warfare under the leadership of women
    Tacitus reports Suetonius gave may be a closer reflection of what he said, appealing to his Legions to disregard the clamor and empty threats of the natives. He told them: There were more women visible in their ranks than fighting men, and they, unwarlike and poorly armed, routed on so many occasions, would immediately give way when they recognized the steel and courage of those who had always conquered them.

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    • The military has been gutted for years. The queer agenda is nothing new, however I will admit that it’s taken on a whole new life now and it seems like we’re seeing a new disturbing story every month now as a result of commies that run our Gov/military complex.

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  2. kerberos616 // January 7, 2016 at 8:28 pm // Reply

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  3. this might work in the white mans favor.once the more masculine whites see what beta male faggots that is proctecting the federal government they might be more has happened in history before.towards the end of the roman empire the barbarians were looking at the average roman like he was a pussy and easy mark.just because someone served in the army navy or marine corps dosen,t make him a badass or alpha warrior.

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