What Marijuana Legalization brings to your town!

image.jpeg Through the use of images... I'll show you what it brings. But before I do that (just to be fair), I will say that the drug has its medicinal benefits, there's no doubt about that, but medicinal patients are hardly the bulk of the enthusiasts or the consumers. They might represent 10% or less of that base. The other 90% represents the following: 


Filthy dirty homeless drug addicts hanging out on your street corners. Pan handling, and when asked to leave… they respond, hey man I thought this place was cool man? I thought I could just sit here and play “music” all day long, annoy the shit out of normal people, not shower for a few months, or even bother to wipe my ass. Who cares if I turn people away from local businesses and shops? It’s a free country, why can’t I just sit here… lay in my own piss… and beg for money on the street? What’s it to you bro? It’s just weed bro! It’ll improve the economy and shit bro!


More of the same…


Yep, he’s there too!

Homeless Pot

DENVER, CO. – Dusty Taylor, currently homeless, smokes marijuana from a glass pipe at the intersection of 21st Ave and Stout St. in downtown Denver.

What’s the BIG deal bro? It’s only weed bro. Successful people smoke weed too bro! It frees your mind bro! It’s from the Earth bro!

Denver Marijuana Celebration

With the Colorado state capitol building visible in the background, partygoers dance and smoke pot at the annual marijuana festival in Denver.

Its party time baby, light it the fuck up!


Fuck the kids… dope up in public!


Fuck working, like we can all just roam around all day long and like philosophize about how to like build a better community, and like attract good people man. Or we could just do this…


Or this…


Eventually we’ll get some shit done bro, you’ll see!

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  1. NOPURPOSE // January 8, 2016 at 11:44 pm //

    Marijuana legalization brought alot of jobs to San Bernardino back in 2011 when dispensaries started opening up like crazy.
    I had alot of friends who didnt have shit like me. No job, no girlfriend, no car, no income to speak of except begging for a couple bucks from their moms social security.
    Then they got jobs at the dispensary. My buddy JJ got his own income, which let him get a car, then he was able to help his mom with bills, which have him pride/confidence and then he got a sexy ass girlfriend.
    And when the city councils started shutting down the dispensaries because they shared the same mindset as whoever wrote this WAY over generalized article- he lost it all.
    One more thing. I’m off topic here but can I point out how much of a hypocrite whoever made this site is? There’s a whole “JOO BOOGEYMAN” section talking about how innocent all Jews are and how they haven’t done their share to fuck up society BUT then he’s got another section called “social Marxist scum”.


    • You’re obviously young and dumb, and very immature. But that’s ok… Eventually you’ll grow up, and you might even become a MAN! Your buddy got a job poisoning the community? I’m sure he was very proud of his ultra productive “work.”

      I have a section of my website that talks about Jews being innocent? That’s news to me. We don’t talk about Jews here pal, it’s a waste of time. I leave that with the hobbyists and Weak White “Men” like YOU.

      I’m well aware of the roots of social and cultural Marxism. But that’s not the problem. The problem is not where it comes from, but rather who embraces it.

      It’s your own people you white idiot! Your own people have embraced it.

      You seem to support drug legalization which is a pillar of social and cultural Marxism. So just like the average white liberal or fat fuck tv watcher out there… You’ve embraced it too! Now tell me again… Who’s to blame?

      Come back here when you find your brain and your balls.

      NO MORE #WeakWhiteMen

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    • “No job, no girlfriend, no car, no income to speak of except begging for a couple bucks from their moms social security.” At first I thought you were satirizing pot heads…But hey, at least he’s Jew Wise.

      You need to get sober, get serious, get focused, get new friends, get goals, get fit, and the rest will follow. Nothing saps your metal fortitude, focus, motivation and drive more than marijuana. Its guaranteed to turn you into an undisciplined, effeminate beta-male. I have seen this happened to many childhood friends.

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    • Hey NOPURPOSE, fitting name indeed. It’s very clear and rather obvious that you’re a confused young man. If you actually gave this site a chance, and listen (rather than react) you might learn something. This website is all about building up strong men in our communities, regardless of race. Rich doesn’t waste time hunting down Joos, or bashing non-whites, or sieg heiling Hitler. You younger folks and men in general have been led astray in so many ways, this site can truly help you become a better man.

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  2. Even if I understand where you’re coming from, I don’t think weed is that big of a problem. People who become lazy addicts smoking it would still be so without it. But weed doesn’t kill, and there’s just positives smoking it (if you’re not weak minded), except that it’s bad for your lungs. Not nearly as hazardous as cigarettes though, and not to speak about alcohol. Those two drugs are the worst killers, and if pot legalization leads to more people moving over from alcohol and cigaretess to weed, then that’s good. Not to speak about the amount of people going to jail thanks to weed, it’s ridicilous. Personally I think it’s important the entire US legalizes weed asap, because then the rest of the world will follow, and people won’t have to smoke chemical crap weed anymore. Holisticially speaking, legalization is more beneficial than not.

    I really think you should bash alcohol drinking and partying culture among young men instead!


    • But here’s the thing sir, alcohol is water soluble, weed is fat soluble. Both are mind altering yes, but we still have no idea of the full extent of marijuana as there is a lot of new evidence that proves that it leads to brain damage and psychological disorders in young people.

      Alcohol is not all poison. Is it abused? Yes.

      But so is junk food, and television, and everything else in life.

      Red Wine (when consumed in moderation even daily) is beneficial. My Grandparents lived rather healthy, well into their 90’s drinking a glass or two of red wine every single day.

      I don’t know any truly productive people that smoke blunts everyday.

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      • From what I’ve read, all the supposed negatives about weed being bad have already been debunked. It does not lower your IQ, nor is it as mentally hazardous as mainstream opinion always states.

        And let’s be honest, alcohol IS all poision, and I would personally ban it totally. It’s definitely the most abused drug among young men, it kills relationships, families and it makes you violent by suppressing your senses and lowering your IQ. Whereas weed opens up your senses and is basically harmless.

        I’m just saying targeting weed might be a miscalculation.


    • This idea is crazy but i’ll throw it out there anyway.

      How about not using ANY of it?

      I know, i know its a long shot but give it a thought.


    • From my first hand experience I have seen creative, positive friends turn into negative, depressed do-nothings. I also was the an accident where my pot smoking friend, who was driving, got into a head on collision (slow reactions). I have also had a friend who knew someone who became schizophrenic after smoking dope. I didn’t believe it, I thought it was some synthetic pot, but later it was published that pot can bring on schitzo and manic episodes in a small percentage of people…he turned out to be a statistic.
      It’s true, losers do tend to gravitate to this drug, but their laziness, etc. is exacerbated by it. I know too many close friends who use pot as a crutch to deal with life and it traps them in a hazy depression. All their big moments in life are seen through this haze; graduating, getting married (to an alpha-female who runs their life), having their first baby, staying home and being the house husband, while mommy goes to work, etc.
      I’m tired of the BS propaganda saying pot is harmless. To hell for pro and anti studies…All of my firsthand experiences with it shows it ruined peoples moral, spiritual and metal health. And like all drugs it turns the soul inward and makes people selfish.
      This is why our enemies, like Soros, spend huge amounts of money promoting pot legalization and other Joos promote pot, other drugs and heavy drinking in music, movies, pop culture.
      We have NO EXUSE watching their movies and TV, listening to their music and smoking their pot then complaining about the Joos.
      Rich is right, we must break away from their system and start our own entertainment network on the web. Listen to our own music, watch our own movies, read are own books and histories. Create our own charities like Golden Dawn has done. But it starts with YOU!!!


  3. Surfer Joe // January 9, 2016 at 12:14 pm //

    I smoke pot from the time I was 13 till I was 50.

    What A waste of my life. Bounced form job to job no bank account lived in my car ect ect.

    It has been 10 years since I smoked pot now and have turned my life around.

    I started a small company which lead me to starting 3 other companies.

    I now own two houses and a small vineyard.

    If had had not started smoke pot I truly could have made something out of my life.

    My advice to anyone who will listen: NEVER EVER SMOKE POT IT RUINS LIVES.

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  4. Anything, whether it’s weed, over indulgence of alcohol, or lazyness of mind, it will lower the expectations and morale, of individuals. I think a clear mind, and a healthy body, go hand-in-hand in creating, or maintaining a healthy society. Pot is another source of “bread and circuses”.

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  5. DArius if your sister smokes pot every day she is a highly functioning addict just like someone who drinks everyday…its a crutch, a way of dealing with stress of life. I know many highly functioning alcoholics from the business community that drink heavily, many make 6 figure salaries, some are millionaires.
    Have you noticed that many people by their 40’s or 50’s either are marathon runners, go sailing, motor cycle riding, etc. or they have a drinking problem.
    Also, Michael Brown was high on pot when he ruffed up a store clerk, store cigars then tried to beat and murder a police officer…little did he know that officer was, Judge Wilson. 😉
    Socrates also drank a mixture made from an organic herb called water hemlock…just because its natural doesn’t mean its harmless.
    The moral here is don’t drug yourself…Build yourself up. Have a clear mind!!!! Find a healthy way to deal with the stress.


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