PTD Radio: Episode#32


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #32

***Finding the True Nature of Ourselves***

On Today’s show we talked about how we get ourselves more connected with nature and the (often ignored) spiritual world that surrounds us. A greater examination of the deep connections that our bodies and brains share with nature. How we empower ourselves, and better deal with the growing stresses of our detached, individual environments. Some thoughts about White trash, with a part.2 on the wealthy White elites of America and Europe. Donald Trump on the NFL and his growing Labor Union support across the country. Concluding with some thoughts on “High Profit” and the marijuana industry. All of this and more… the MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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14 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#32

  1. I might touch a bit on this upcoming AJ interview with Farrakhan, and what seems to be his change of opinion on Trump as well.


    • Looking forward to the show Rich. Great news on the new supporters.


    • Tom Rissilino // January 13, 2016 at 7:05 am // Reply

      Looking forward to that one to see what AJ gets out of him. should be good. Great show BTW, look forward to hear more.


    • This was a beautiful, inspirational show Rich! Not sure that’s what you were aiming for but its nice to see that side of you and I will most definitely use some of your suggestions to mix in with what we do here. And yes, believe it or not, we still go to church here.


  2. Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  3. These cliffhangers man.. But it was worth waiting for, a good solid show.


  4. Great radio show especially with the part regarding a natural way of life. From my perspective I try to make every part of my life more natural whenever possible. Whether it’s intentionally walking extra, eating naturally,but we also need to focus on the more subtle parts like our interactions with other people, our jobs, our mental conditioning, etc. If anyone here doesn’t ever work out their brain, like problem solve, then this is really important too. It is easy these days to get caught in the cycle of doing menial tasks (like for your job if that requires little mental effort or it’s just repetitive), and spending your free time just absorbing information(like reading online). Obviously reading is a good thing but we need to incorporate our information into problem solving, or pick up some minor hobbies such as chess or number oriented games. Our brains were naturally designed to face an assortment of conflicts so training all parts of the brain is important.


    • Not to go on such a long rant but this probably contributes to the passiveness and feminized behaviour of our men. Bitching and moaning instead of taking actions to solve problems.


  5. Jon Chambers // January 13, 2016 at 6:01 am // Reply

    Rich, this was another great show brother. So much advice, and new knowledge here. Really appreciate the stuff on health and nutrition and the suggestions on how to actually practice spirituality. Thanks again and keep up the great work!


  6. Powerful stuff again bud, and I agree 100% we need much more focus on these issue.

    Fix the people, change the society, the problems soon fade away.


  7. Awesome show, as more and more electronic gadgets are introduced to society and the closer we attach ourselves to these electric grids the more sick and demented we become. Bio Hacking has for me, become a necessity.


  8. Like

  9. Great advice Rich on improving ourselves. Too many weak white men in our society who place their comforts and desires over the improvement of our people. Decreasing our time spent on electronics and back in nature or spending quality time with our family will improve our minds, souls and bodies greatly. We have too little people promoting this, and I appreciate this website for these types of advice.

    Our elite hate us, and the way they treat us now (promoting homosexuality, abortion, feminism) shows that hate. The best example is how our soldiers are used. They are sent to fight a country “for democracy” when in actuality are used to make certain people richer. We need to fight back and instill traditional values back in our youth, and call for a new nobility, the best of our race leading us to greater heights.

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  10. Excellent show again, enjoyed this one a bunch.

    -Sam ;))


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