Ted Cruz, the Televangelist Snake-Oil Salesman!

image Before running for President, Ted Cruz was busy with charlatan beta-cuck Glenn Beck, handing out teddy bears and soccer balls to massive waves of illegals and their children crossing the border. This was done as an attempt to showcase his compassionate conservatism! But what else has Mr. Cruz, the CONservative, stood for? 


Ted Cruz is your typical establishment politician, a CUCKservative Televangelist lookalike, that routinely changes his positions and lies about it, while calling those who point it out liars. For instance, Cruz has stated that under him “the Federal government would work to protect the sacrament of marriage.” Then went on to say that it’s a states rights issue and called anyone pointing out the discrepancy a liar. He’s changed his stance on immigration, H1B visa’s , and legalizing the illegals, while clearly (or unclearly) stating on “The Kelly File” his border plan and on Cavuto and to Congress in 2013.


Here he is (above) giving a helping hand to Glenn Beck, handing out boxes of soccer balls and teddy bears. Cruz only developed a “plan” for the border recently, when it was politically expedient. It NEVER include a border wall. He wouldn’t even answer the damn question! Just over a month ago, he wanted an increase in “legal” H-1B visas, and was against the deportation of illegals! I’m sure his position has changed on that too. But hey, the guy is a LAWYER! That’s what they do. They’re experts in covering up their tracks and loose ends, and sending out false information! Only beta-RepubliCucks with one functioning brain cell left would believe anything this guy says.

Ted Cruz, Heidi Cruz, Catherine Cruz, Caroline Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz, second from right, R-Texas, his (Goldman Sachs connected) wife Heidi.

We already know he has serious connections to the criminal financial GIANT Goldman Sachs, through his wife who funded his campaigns. BTW… What kind of man, has his own wife fund his political campaign? If this guy gets the nod, Clinton is your President for the next 8 years!


2 Comments on Ted Cruz, the Televangelist Snake-Oil Salesman!

  1. The only reason Cruz has any support in Iowa is because that state has too many #weakwhitemen who’s only concern is their huge farms and the corn they raise is subsidized.


  2. Very true, and there are a considerable amount of crazy evangelicals up there. These people are just straight up nutty, but hacks like Cruz will pander to them for votes.


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