PTD Radio: Episode#33


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #33

***It Begins and Ends with Trump***

On today’s show we talked about who else, but Donald Trump and why I firmly believe that his candidacy and inevitable election as President of the United States will actually improve race relations in America. Boycotting the Oscars, and why I believe honest and open discussions about race in America will become more mainstream. Why so many folks follow paths down a dead end, with not ONE tangible goal or victory in sight. Boogeyman chasers, the Illuminati Death Cult, Shape-Shifting Lizard Men, Flat-Earth and the Crisis Actor. Waking people up to DO what exactly? Women that grow up with weak fathers. And yes, #WeakWhiteMen, right here on internet land! All of this and more… the MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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4 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#33

  1. Hey brother great website great radio shows.

    As much as you don’t like people spending tons of time on social media you should really get a Twitter account, you could reach a lot of people there.


  2. Good stuff again Rich!

    And I agree, most of what is out there on Internet land in the way of radio just isn’t that good. But then I’ll listen to terrestrial or satellite when I used to have it and that’s even worse. Thank God you’re back.


  3. Excellent show, keep em coming!


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