Childless Internet Nazis and Chronic Masturbators?

When will these guys start sourcing PTD?

Apparently, Trump isn't the only one reading and listening to PTD. Now we have Republican strategists parroting our lines on leftist networks, almost word for word. I'll be expecting a check in the mail Mr. Wilson. Hopefully during the lead up to the election... the crowd of lunatics and boogeyman chasers out there, stay seated at the kiddie table... or get their asses thrown backdown stairs in mommy's basement. You know they can't be upstairs, because they can't handle the truth, and they sure as hell can't handle any BIG Boy responsibilities!

{From Mediaite} It’s fair to say Republican strategist Rick Wilson is not a fan of Donald Trump, and tonight.. boy did his comments about Trump’s rabid fans go to a weird place. Wilson talked to Chris Hayes about a very specific section of Trump’s fans; not his mainstream supporters, his “alt-right” fans. The ones, he explained, that have lots of “Hitler iconography in their Twitter icons.” He went on to say, “Most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime. They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.”

5 Comments on Childless Internet Nazis and Chronic Masturbators?

  1. Studies have shown that there is a connection between right wing views and physical health. It’s also proven that conservative couples are more likely to bear children than liberal ones. There are two types of people that vote for Trump; Alt righter’s and overweight drunken red necks (that say things like “I’ll never forgive dem Nazis for wat dey did to us in Vietnam”). And the average citizen that doesn’t support Trump is a beta working in a cubicle or some faggot weed smoking, College student

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  2. The guy is right on the mark about a certain segment who will take this as another sign “We’re (whoever the fuck We’re supposed to be ) winning”.
    They swear up and down, write lengthy articles with absolutely no examples, long winded podcasts, about a bogeyman controls everything including all votes, everyone is brainwashed, don’t vote, accuse and ridicule everyone else as thinking that only voting will get us out of this mess, wait for a mythical SHTF, anarchy 101,ad nauseum.
    Attacking any and all things as ‘Da system’, then like little spoiled brats who cannot stack the blocks higher than two rows have tantrums tearing the blocks down then scattering them about the place, all to hide the fact it is THEIR laziness and lack of responsibility even as far as to claim genocide all the while it is THEY who are not reproducing (maybe that really is a good thing, like mudsharks get them the hell out of our gene pool).
    So why would they cheer on Trump?
    #Weakwhitemen as much as they hate Alpha’s are like women and attracted to them in all sorts of weird ways to being their knight in shining armor, philosopher king, or fuhrer who’s gonna save them.

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  3. While I agree with your take on the do-nothing hobbyists, this Rick Wilson guy is a total cuckservative and the epitome of a weak white man. He’s one of these beltway conservatives that sells out his own people and whines about them being “racist”, thinking that this will gain him more approval. He’s also works for the Rubio SuperPAC, so this is more about his hatred of Trump and his supporters than anything else. No way in hell this worm reads PTD.


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