Women on Fox Step Up to shame these #WeakWhiteMen


Watch the Women of Fox News bitch slap the Trump bashers and Cucks at National Review!

The women of Fox News on "Outnumbered" today SLAMMED National Review for their hit piece on Donald Trump. People say that our women are completely out of control. Yes, they certainly are... but so are the "men" that you always seem to conveniently ignore. These beta-males and RepubliCucks at National Review are among the worst. But it doesn't stop there...

Between the…

  • BIG fat soft titty boys and chronic masturbators
  • the childless Internet Nazis pursuing a “fun” hobby
  • the illuminati goblin chasers
  • the crisis actor conspiracy theorists
  • the proponents of flat-earth
  • the weak white male that lives in fear all day long and walks with his head down flapping his string bean arms and his pathetic bird-chest
  • the effeminate white male with no muscle mass wearing skinny jeans who has no self-control or handle over his emotions because he was raised by women and a weak white father.

But according to some of you out there, it’s our women who are the problem?

Are you people fucking kidding me?

It’s you White man.

You’re the fucking problem!

So embarassing that our women have to set these Cucks and these weak White “men” straight!

2 Comments on Women on Fox Step Up to shame these #WeakWhiteMen

  1. But, but, but those women didn’t name the bogeyman.


  2. Women fill the void left behind by #weakwhitemen….Notice how these women are responding to the lead of a strong white man (Trump).


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