Donald Trump Invokes a Strong PTD Message

FULL Donald Trump Campaign Event in Sioux City, IA at Dordt College Jan 23rd 2016.

Yet another great speech given by the Donald, once again, touching on issues close to the hearts of regular folks. This man was born to lead. He was destined to do this! Listen to the way people respond to this guy, something special is happening here folks!

Men, young and seasoned, our future leaders out there… take note of what Trump does. When gaining support on easily identifiable talking points, issues that are close to the heart, stay on the GD message. Don’t veer off into an area, or topic of conversation that automatically puts you into the crowd of kooks! Trump is a master at this. This will not only help you in politics, but it’ll help you in the business world, in the world of relationships, in your marriage, in life!

6 Comments on Donald Trump Invokes a Strong PTD Message

  1. “White Nationalists has been great at complaining about stuff year after year after year. True right, they’re always complaining they don’t do anything about it, they complain. But getting anything accomplished, not so much. Many of the White Nationalists have been hanging around and chattering for decades and some are active cogs in the active White Nationalism entertainment complex deriving their income by pandering to white anger while offering no real solutions.”

    “Rich of PTD represents a threat to these ineffectual poobahs, in the same way he represents a threat to do nothing internet #weakwhitemen.”

    “Jealousy is also seriously at work here, PTD is inspiring and exciting a broad spectrum of young white males across the world like no member of the bogeyman chasers, conspiracy loons, highspeed internet Nazis, and hobbyists has ever or ever will”.

    And so on for few more lines I am sure at the proper places you can easily make appropriate transpositions.


  2. We tried to make it there, but was told that over 2,000 people were waiting outside to get in, packed place with no room left. Don’t believe the polls guys Cruz will get creamed he’s renting out VFW halls over here while Trump is at University. It won’t be that close. I’ve never seen people like this. A lot of young guys too.


  3. At nearly 900 caucus sites, voters go to hear speeches from campaigns and their precinct captains that are assigned to whip up votes, candidates can show up and do it themselves too obviously. Then they’ll write their choices on paper and hand them in. That’s how votes are tallied. It’s really a stupid, outdated system if you ask me


  4. Caucuses were once the most common way of choosing presidential nominees. Today, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Wyoming and Iowa are the only states to rely solely on the caucus, according to the Federal Election Commission. The territories of American Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands use the caucus also. All other states and Puerto Rico use primary elections or a combination of the voting formats.

    Caucus meetings are arranged by either the state or political party to take place at a certain place and time. Caucuses are unique in that they allow participants to openly show support for candidates. Voting is often done by raising hands or breaking into groups according to the candidate participants support. The results of the caucus are used to determine the delegates present at county, state and national nominating conventions of each political party. Most often, only registered voters can participate in a caucus, and they are limited to the caucus of the party with which they are affiliated.

    Primaries are a direct, statewide process of selecting candidates and delegates. Similar to the general election process, primary voters cast secret ballots for the candidates of their choosing. The results are used to determine the configuration of delegates at the national convention of each party. Primaries come in two basic forms: In an open primary, all registered voters can vote for any candidate, regardless of their political affiliation. Registered Democrats may vote for a Republican candidate, and Republican voters may cast ballots for a Democrat, for instance. And registered Independents can participate in either party’s primary. But in a closed primary, voters may vote only for candidates of the party with which they are registered.


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