Still not sold on Trump? Watch this from Iowa! President Trump does the Unthinkable, Again! Never in my life did I think we would see anything like this on a national stage! Massive sold out crowds, with thousands waiting outside in the freezing cold to get a chance at getting in according to one of our guys in the PTD Radio Club, Graham in Iowa.

And why are all these people, numbering in the thousands at every single event, there? They’re in those long lines, and they’re in those packed stands to hear the truth from a strong man, standing up without a fear in the world, tossing anyone aside that gets in the way.

Today, it just happened to be a turban wearing Sikh. And how does Trump respond: He Wasn’t Wearing One of Those Hats, Was He?” I’ll let you guys soak that one in, the doubters out there, and take that one wherever you want it to go!

4 Comments on Still not sold on Trump? Watch this from Iowa!

  1. Yeah but he doesn’t name the Jooooo, he’s garbage. I’ll take another 8 years under Obumer with the commies, Brooklyn Bernie and Clinton. At least then we can all keep complaining.


  2. I’ve been sold. My question is, what the hell are Sikhs doing in Iowa? Are they growing corn, cattle ranching, and making cheese? What the F are they doing there? That guy should have been thrown out the minute he tried to walk in.


  3. I’ve been to Ron Paul rallies…

    But Ron Paul never ever drew crowds of 10,000. Ever. Even in his home state. Don’t let anyone give you the “Something something Ron Paul” spiel.


  4. Like

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