PTD Radio: Episode#34


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #34

***Cuckservatives, in full-blown Panic Mode***

On Today’s show we talked about my exchange with a distraught mother in the United States. My analysis of MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way. Is it the new bitch corner for Weak White Men? Cuckservatives in full-blown panic mode across the country. German Men, allowing the literal rape of their country, their women, and their children. Will you finally stand up and confront the REAL problem (our own weak men), or will you continue wasting time chasing down goblins and the boogeyman? You make the choice! The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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9 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#34

  1. Great show.

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  2. Dynamite stuff once again Rich.

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  3. Great show Brother. Thanks for taking the time.

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  4. Wow, powerful stuff Rich. That MGTOW guy…what a fucking looser. Really he is just wimping out and not taking the true path of a man…self sacrifice. He needs to grow up and find a wife, have children and take real responsibilities. He thinks he’s made it ‘cuz he drives a convertible…obsessed with superficial materialism…so effeminate.
    That ladies letter describes an old high school friend of mine. He owns a townhouse but rents it to someone else, I guess to save money. He literally lives at home with his mom (divorced). Father is a very, very wimpy role model.
    My friend does sports betting and even stops hanging out with people during the sports season. He’s 30’s something and never had a GF and not looking.
    My sister also dated, I’ll call him a “TGTOW,” who was into gambling in poker tournaments. On contemplating marriage they even planned to save a portion of their earnings for his gambling habit…yes, he had her wrapped around his finger. Luckily he grew more reckless, turned into a party animal who like to go to bars and start fights.
    By then she dumped him, but not after he put her though a lot. My mother suspected him of being a homo…and I could see it too…just give it time.
    Anyway, WTF is with this idiotic internet gambling and fantasy football/sports betting phenomenon. People with no goals in life, no drive, just pissing their time and money away…it’s another weak addiction…

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  5. Over $93 billion (or 98%) of that figure will be wagered through illegal channels.
    For most ‘fans’ 9 out of 10 games are painfully boring, the only attraction for paying any attention to a 4th quarter 21 – 13 yawner is the 7 point spread has made it a tight 1 point thriller.

    Over the past two decades or so, a cultural phenomenon has taken hold in America. It involves grown men and women pretending to be the owners of imaginary professional sports teams on the internet. It is known as fantasy football.
    That may sound ridiculous. But it’s a serious business that has spawned its own economy. More than 30 million Americans participate in fantasy football leagues, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. (Yes, there is a trade association.) Together they spent an estimated $11 billion on the activity last year.

    There are fantasy basketball, baseball, and other leagues, but fantasy football remains by far the biggest. It appeals both to football obsessives and to geekier types who could never dream of playing the highly strategic, often brutal game in real life.

    But, since white European heritage, history, and culture are in no way a economically viable media enterprise, and so friggin unappealing, insignificant, and degenerate, it could never and will never compete with any form of ‘nigger’ obsessions.
    But some how that’s the bogeyman’s fault.
    It couldn’t for heaven sake’s be, most white Europeans suck so bad they commit racial suicide in every decision of participation and non-participation through out their entire lives.
    But we are number one in whining, blaming everyone else, and fantasizing RaHooWah on the internet.
    Great job guys.


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