400,000 on their way! What will the “men” of Italy do?


Italy is gearing up for a tidal wave of as many as 400,000 "migrants" in the coming weeks. But that's not the REAL story, the REAL story is the pathetic "men" of Italy that sit there unemployed, childless, playing video games and watching soccer! The "migrants" aren't the problem. The problem is #WeakWhiteMen who refuse to DO anything about it!!! How about forming a 400,000 man barrier to block them? How about that Italians??? My acestors hail from Bari, and from several Tuscan regions of the peninsula. My father's people were descendants of the Lombards. My mothers family name predates the Republic and the Empire. This is personal. Men of Italy, your future hangs in the balance... Get off your ass and DO something!


Young Italian Patriots from the far-right, attempt to block the invaders from entering their country and destroying their future!

As the Schengen treaty guaranteeing open internal European borders continues to crumble, Italy is gearing up for a tidal wave of as many as 400,000 immigrants “in the coming weeks,” according to Italian sources, and worse still, they will be coming to stay. Italian authorities fear that their worst nightmare is materializing before their eyes: as droves of immigrants arrive on Italy’s shores, they have no choice but to remain in Italy.


According to analysts, the worst is yet to come. Until a few days ago the Italian peninsula was a transit channel for tens of thousands of desperate migrants en route to the countries of Northern Europe, yet now these same migrants are finding themselves stranded in Italy because of closed borders to the north. Overnight, Italy has moved from being a passageway to a dead end. Six countries— Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Slovenia—have suspended the treaty for two years, and others appear ready to follow them. In many respects, Schengen no longer exists.

Immigrants protest against racism

A group of migrants take part in a protest demonstration in Rosarno, Italy. Thousands protested against racism in the southern Italian town of Rosarno after a night of rioting that was sparked by an attack on African farm workers by a gang of white youths.

With the recent closure of the Austrian border, the border points have already begun to be besieged, and authorities are expecting a migrant tent city to form there. Moreover, when good weather returns, they warn, arrivals could increase tenfold. The Italian Minister of the Interior, Angelino Alfano, lashed out at those proposing that Italy follow suit and shut down Schengen, warning them that the economic damage to Italy would be enormous and that “we cannot put barbed wire in the Mediterranean Sea,” suggesting there would be no way to stem the tide of immigrants.


As a country of first arrival, Italy has more to lose from the breakdown of Schengen than any other European nation, perhaps with the exception of Greece. In 2015 alone more than 150,000 migrants reached Italian shores, but the vast majority continued north, with many heading to France, Germany or the countries of Scandinavia.


Now that the Schengen Treaty is all but a dead letter, the Alps have once again become an insurmountable barrier. In this dramatic panorama the bulk of the migrants are expected to come through the “Balkan route,” and according to experts, some 400 thousand immigrants will be arriving in the coming weeks. Sources at the Interior Ministry have also expressed fears that many migrants will begin to circumvent Greece and Croatia and come directly to the ports of Ancona and Bari in southern Italy.


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is wringing his hands in public, insisting that the end of Schengen is the end of Europe. “Questioning the idea of ​​Schengen,” Renzi wrote yesterday, “means killing the idea of ​​Europe. We fought for decades to break down walls: to think of rebuilding them today is to betray ourselves.” He also rejected the very idea of “closing ourselves in behind walls,” saying that to do so would be to live in fear. The Balls on this Elitist, sell out piece of shit. Once again, our own folks selling us down the river. Fuck you Renzi. Disgrazia!!!


The Interior Ministry, however, is reportedly preparing for the worst. “We need to strengthen the Frontex defense of the external borders and the establishment of a European border police force,” said deputy minister of the Interior, Philip Bubbico. He knows that it is one thing to threaten mass expulsions for those not entitled to political asylum, and another thing to carry it out. “What else can we do?” he said. “Throw them into the sea?” YES, push them right back you suicidal ASSHOLE!!!

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  1. ” He also rejected the very idea of “closing ourselves in behind walls,” saying that to do so would be to live in fear. ”’

    Ye We’ll just live in fear within what was once, our once safe countries. Pace Cologne n NYE.

    He and his disgusting ilk should be charged with Genocide and Culturecide of the Italian people

    By the way the people in these picture are not Syrians

    European peoples need to rise up against their treasonous genocidal Governments


  2. I was in in Italy in 2005, as we traveled and toured through Florence and Piza I saw these “migrant” bums all over the street corner, even then, they were there in considerable numbers. And the Italian men just sat there going about their business, acting like this shit is normal and acceptable. Beautiful country side, destroyed.


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