Bloomberg to spend $1B for Potential Presidential Run


Here's some humor for you guys... This maniacal crazy fuck is gonna Spend $1,000,000,000.00 to get 2% of the nations vote. Outside of a few New York City and Florida Jews, NO one, not even the clueless half-dead average fat-fuck American watching the NFL and "reality" television would vote for this creep.

CBS New York reports:

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking a look at the 2016 presidential landscape, and putting the pieces in place for a possible presidential run, sources close to Bloomberg said.


“What he said is if I didn’t get the nomination he might consider it,” Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said. “Well I’m gonna relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn’t have to.”

But Clinton may have it wrong, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported. Sources close to Bloomberg told Kramer the former mayor is ramping up a possible presidential run regardless of who gets the Democratic nomination, eyeing an Independent third-party bid.

“I would love to have Michael get in the race — I don’t know if he’s going to do it — but I hope he does,” GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said. “I’d love to compete against Michael.”


Bloomberg, who weighed a presidential run once before in 2008, is upset with both Trump and Clinton, where Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders could quite possibly win the first two Democratic contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“If Donald Trump wins and Mr. Bloomberg gets in you’re gonna have two multi-billionaires running for president,” Sanders said in an interview on Meet the Press. “The American people do not want to see our nation moved toward an oligarchy.”

According to Kramer, sources say Bloomberg has already done polling and has hired a consultant to get him on the ballot in all 50 states. Sources say Bloomberg is willing to spend around $1 billion on the campaign.

7 Comments on Bloomberg to spend $1B for Potential Presidential Run

  1. Bernie Sanders forgot that America already is an Oligarchy! This guy’s a real hoot… this lunatic should be working in Katz deli, selling pastrami sandwiches and pickles, or standing on his soap-box in Brooklyn. Either that, or the director of a kabutz for the mentally challenged in Israel.

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    • If you’ve ever been in “Katz’ Deli” you would know NO jews work there…..(they count the money in the back….)…The founder’s progeny are now at places like goldman sacks and AIPAC….
      The only reason Bloomturd is potentially running would be derail Trump in the general election (to split the republicrat vote….)….If the jew billionaire underworld money can’t control Trump they will destroy him…They own the democrat anyway…
      REMEMBER: democrats and republicrats are 2 sides of the same “sheckel”….
      Heads WE win…Tails THEY LOSE!!!!!
      Besides the stupid stuff (like trying to limit how much soda the groids and other browns drank) Bloomturd actually did a great job running NYC and was actually very fair to Whites….


  2. I agree, these people are ramping up against Tump. They are lining up a plan B if Hillary gets indicted or has to drop out due to scandals. We ALL have to volunteer and through our weight and money behind TRUMP…this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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  3. Bloomberg is a sideshow to get the voter eyes off Trump and create a last minute distraction before the first primaries IMHO… I could be wrong. I thought I was wrong once but I was wrong about that too!

    Peace brothers, I do not want political conflict to harm PTD… In retrospect I have seen all these monkeyshines before… Our OWNERS will corrupt or kill anyone who seriously threatens to derail and wreck their plans, like JFK and Gov. Wallace. Perhaps I am too pessimistic. I hope so…

    I really want to see the bastards pay for their crimes against my Race, Culture, Heritage and History. The 14 Words of David Lane… If you don’t know the 14 words then you have no idea of where I am coming from… Look the 14 words up now!

    “If you want to know who your true rulers are, find out who you are not allowed to criticize”. This quote is over 2,000 years old and true today.

    Sincerely, the old fart who was fooled once too many times and woke up about 10 years ago.


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