Alex Jones with Louis Farrakhan, full Interview!

Good Interview... Worth a Listen!

Most of us will have a few disagreements, more so with Jones, but more respectful conversations with REAL men of high moral character from both communities must take place in the future. This is just a prelude to what is possible, if REAL men, are at center stage.

Video Description: In a very honest and informative session, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat down for an interview and a dialogue with Alex Jones of Infowars. The approximately 90-minute session covered important subjects and must be heard in its entirety.

3 Comments on Alex Jones with Louis Farrakhan, full Interview!

  1. I used to follow the tired old cuckservative position of being anti-Farakahn, but I’ve since realized that he’s actually better on most of the issues than Obama (gays, Israel, abortion, etc.).


  2. I agree that the united states did destabilize Iraq and Libya by removing sadam hussian and momar quadafi.having said that,it was also our white elite that brought black slaves to north America to depress the wages of the white working class.both Louis farrakan and alex jones are talking about the bible and good an d evil.if you buy into the notion that there is a universal good and evil you miss the point.good and evil are depends on who and what you are,and where you are.i am white.what is good for the white race is the ultimate good.what is bad for the white race is theultimate evil.i have no social contract with people outside my race.we are not all in this together as the liberals would have you believe.farakan talks about millions of black babies being aborted.that is there concern is forty million white babies who were aborted for no other reason than convineance since the nineteen sixties.he also makes a stab at the melting pot and we are all americans. before world war two as implicit as it was only whites were considered americans.farrakan also spoke out against eugenics,eugenics in this country got rid of a lot ofmental and physical defectives of both black and white races of this goes back to the greeks.the germans copied it in the nineteen are always railingagainst weak white males and you should. eugenics the way it was practiced in the nineteen twenties would go along way to remedy this.


    • I fully agree Joe. However, the point of posting this video is that men of both communities need to be able to lay their cards openly and honestly on the table. Conversations such as these, with better men than Alex Jones must take place in the future. This was just a stepping stone. Alex Jones did not, and will not give the honest white perspective. Eventually, we’ll get there Joe.


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