Charlatan Pervert Bill Oreilly begs Trump to Reconsider

Trump & the Leprechaun Part.1

This might be the most pathetic interview I've ever seen conducted by the coffee mug, door-mat salesman...the perverted loofah man, Bill Oreilly. He was literally begging Trump to reconsider, after defending Kelly's ridiculous antics, cutting Donald off mid-sentence (as usual), and trying to redirect his widely successful campaign.

Trump & the Leprechaun Part.2

Listen up Oreilly, NO one needs your shitty network,  especially Trump. You need him! Without Trump, you’re nothing! Youre colleagues all got on the air today and proclaimed: who does Donald Trump think he is? He can’t control the media! Uh, yes he can, and yes he is. He controls it when he’s on it. He controls when he’s not on it. Another victory for Trump! Cut the cord folks. Call them up now and cancel your damn cable if you still have it. And let them know why you’re canceling, give them a piece of your mind!

3 Comments on Charlatan Pervert Bill Oreilly begs Trump to Reconsider

  1. “We will concentrate on issues, not personal stuff.”
    “Donald you owe me a vanilla milkshake.”

    What a jackass O’Reilly is. He tries to emulate Trump’s no-nonsense take no shit attitude, then, upon failing, he switches up with the cutesy shit. A grown man. Disgraceful.

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  2. O’Reilly is an ass hole…but to see him so cutesy and nice with Trump…just kissing his ass and trying to guilt him into going to the debates…MILKSHAKES!!!???
    Great analyses Rich…the establishment and its media is crumbling before the might of TRUMP!

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