Cucks and #WeakWhiteMen at Fox “News” in Shock!

Just Listen to these Cucks and #WeakWhiteMen bitch and moan, like a couple of broads on the rag in a nail salon! They're in shock... they're freaking out!!! And this Greg Gutfeld is a real talentless piece of shit.

Folks this is ground breaking stuff here. This is more important than anything we’ve seen in years. This shake up is causing millions of regular folks to now Boycott Fox and ask the following question: why am I paying a cable bill? Why am I sending money to these assholes, that couldn’t give a fuck about me or my children? This man has given us the greatest opportunity to change this society and culture, and the future of politics forever!

7 Comments on Cucks and #WeakWhiteMen at Fox “News” in Shock!

  1. It sounded to me like the “threat” amounted to nothing more than being laughed at or getting a bit of the same crap she likes to dish out… What a crybaby cuck!


    • Sarge, I’ve never seen these people freak out like this before. I’m in the heart of the metropolitan area. You should hear these beta-Cucks and WeakWhiteMen over here scramble for answers. It’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen!


  2. Meanwhile the standoff in Burns Oregon went bad. One dead, one wounded. I was there on 7,8 and 9 January. Most of the people in the news and internet videos I personally met. Good courageous men and women no matter if you agree with their tactics or not. They stood up against federal tyranny and dispossession of the land they had owned for generations.

    This is being done all over the West… 99% of the land owners go bankrupt trying to seek legal remedies. The feds always win one way or another. I grieve for my people…


    • Good for you Sarge…I should have taken a trip out there just to boost numbers. I saw of the media referred to them always as militia…even though its obvious they are not. The general public couldn’t understand their issues since most people live in cities now and don’t understand how all this food gets on their table.


  3. I have had a Gut of Gutfield…he is a MGTOW 😉 …everything he said could be turned around…its Fox News trying to threaten Trump, insisting he play by their rules…Trump ins’t kissing the ring of a petulant King (Farce News)…Gutfield should go do infomercials and sell flow-bees…


  4. This Greg Gutfeld is an absolute piece of shit. In 2009 he attacked men in the Canadian Military for wanting to withdraw troops from the pointless war in Afghanistan in the same week we brought back about dozen of our boys in body bags. He is truly disgusting, and Gutfeld is the definition of a weak white man. I think he would be the first man to avoid military service.


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