Fox “News” uses Fat-Commie Pig to attack Trump!

Fox "News" is Officially Done!

If this doesn't convince, even the most retarded of folks in this country to cancel their cable nothing will. Many of these folks still have cable so they can watch the "news." Most of them watch Fox "news" exclusively! But now, that network has committed suicide, by baiting the one man in this country strong enough to speak the truth and not bow down to the alter of political correctness, i.e. Social Marxism.


Fox News is a Cuckservative network that pushes a fake CONservative agenda with the likes of the charlatan Bill Oreilly, the crying beta-Cuck Shepard Smith, and the sorority bimbo with daddy issues Megyn Kelly. They’ve fooled much of the public for years. Mostly hardworking white traditionalist Christians and conservative retirees living on social security and meager pensions. Most of what they have left is among the 60 and up crowd, as their audience continues to make their way into assisted living.


However, this stunt they just pulled with Kelly, and this fat slob, this America hating, gun grabbing commie, this piece of human garbage has to be the last straw. This should cause a massive ground swell, a stampede away from that network, with millions more dropping cable all together, and ultimately… a move towards a new media distribution platform!

6 Comments on Fox “News” uses Fat-Commie Pig to attack Trump!

  1. At 7:21
    Before I leave I just want to say again, Robert Ailes, Rupert Murdoch you know. Ah, to get elected in this country you have to come on this network, you have to play ball with this network.
    Donald Trump today said ‘I’m not playing ball with this network’, that’s a historic moment and it’s going to be interesting to see you know,where the real power is.
    Trump doesn’t think he needs Fox News.
    I think Fox has something else to say about that and it will be interesting to see where do the powers that be go with this.

    Now remember, this is the same fat slob who ranted against the wealthy business leaders living in “gated communities” and “castles with moats around them” from behind his own gated community Michigan mansion, “the 10,000-square-foot house, reportedly in the same neighborhood as Madonna and Bruce Willis.”

    Now shilling for long time GOP establishment and personal Bush family media consultant Roger Ailes.

    Well he did get one thing right, “that’s a historic moment” and this is a historic presidential election in so many ways.
    I myself, at first dismissed Donald Trump, but quickly realized his standing tall and refusal to cuck after the avalanche of brutal attacks against his straight talking, honest, right out, of the friggin gate statement on illegal immigration was the real deal.

    And all the so-called Wn and Bogeyman chasers are as usual still chasing their own tail and licking their own arses.
    This man has single-handedly destroyed the shackles of political correctness, kicked the fat asses of the pompous self anointed establishment cuckolds off their self appointed tin can throne.

    Here again Donald Trump is single-handedly pulling the plug on the controlled media.
    With the media’s own power cord firmly grasped in his hands, he is whipping the high priests and information brokers in biblical proportions expelling them from the temple of public opinion.

    And the people truly love him for it.

    Donald Trump has gifted Europeans with a window of opportunity to save their culture as well as their nations.
    In the wake of Donald Trumps crushing and thorough dismantling of the establishment status quo a void has been created to be filled by our own Independent Media Distribution Platform.

    Whoa whoa whoa, I confess to getting a bit carried away here, Europeans are helpless #weakwhitemen and anyway, the bogeyman will never let us.


    • You just don’t get it do you Joe?

      Woody Allen and Co. Will come out in full-force against Trump. He can’t win, he won’t win, and if he does it won’t matter, they control it all, they control you, they control me, they control it all.

      Stop giving us false hope joenorthpal, you know we’re doomed. We might as well just end it now, there is no hope, let’s just jump off a cliff. Let’s end it now, we lost already!

      The only course now is to just wait. Time is our our side? We’ll just sit here and bitch and “expose” the Woody Allen’s of the world, turn more normal successful practical folks away, and tell each other that we’re “winning.” Whatever the fuck that means?


    • Wake up joenorthpal, where are your priorities?

      Fuck PTD!

      Go back to the Woody Allen chasers or one of those WN bitch corners… that’s where shit gets done!


  2. Moore is a fat slob. It amazing to see the liberal and conservative establishment unite against The Man of the People.


  3. Like

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