Strong Men in Greece, setting a solid example!

How long before this happens in the US Congress?

When Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, men in America will arise in our houses of government and do the same. Real men will have at least, an eight year window, with a serious opportunity to dominate the political landscape for years to come!

6 Comments on Strong Men in Greece, setting a solid example!

  1. George Smith // January 31, 2016 at 8:57 pm // Reply

    This man has a deep love for his people. Nothing else could produce that kind of emotion and strength during the speech.
    We need more men like this. Let this be an inspiration for us going forward.


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  3. Take this as an example,”…they could have been at an [internet] cafe or at home on their PC…” Immortal!
    Fast forward past all the singing to get to more awesomeness. 🙂

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  4. I’ve heard the complain that Golden Dawn is ‘too extreme’ or ‘too crass.’
    We are literally fighting for the future of our children and grandchildren’s existence. We don’t have time to bullshit around and wait 20-30 years to ‘slowly’ awake and get everyone on board. We have 5-10 years MAX.
    They want to control us easier and don’t want us to display our masculinity.


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