Will Sweden Breakout into Civil War or Insurrection?


Retaliation from the far-right in Sweden

My gut tells me no, but our eyes may soon see otherwise. The advocation of violence is not my intent here, nor is it or will it ever be the purpose of this website. However, this is not violence, this is self-defense. When your nation is under siege and you have no legitimate political redress of grievance, incidents such as the video above, will become more and more common.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

The Patriots and Nationalists of Sweden have petitioned their Government to no avail, they’ve tried the ballot box… they’ve tried to rally the common man, they’ve been patient long enough. I believe that many in Sweden (a critical mass) now see the writing on the wall. There will be a time for political discourse and serious reorganization of that country, but that time is not now. The right “men” are not in there, yet!

Sweden is not America. Don’t make the comparison. It’s the size of California, with less than 1/3 of the population! Their fight is entirely different, and it’s a fight for both the immediate and foreseeable future of that country.

7 Comments on Will Sweden Breakout into Civil War or Insurrection?

  1. Its a fucking tragedy, i see myself completely disconnected from the swedes.


  2. Considering the state of the lockdown media over there, it’s hard to judge the real situation.
    If PTD’s call for our own independent media distribution platform was heeded, we’d have multiple boots on the ground in the form of activist citizen reporters to not only inform the rest of the world what the hell is REALLY going on over there, but so would the rest of Sweden know what the hell is going on in THEIR own damn country.


    • Many do know. They just dont care.
      If i would got a penny for everytime someone said “what can i do?”..


      • Hang in there, Markus! I believe what will happen is inevitable, and at some point things will either turn or we’ll perish (and that won’t happen without a fight, at that point even swedes will fight). There might not be much we can do right now, but you’re already in here and thus in a much better position than most others. It has yet to become a lot worse before it might turn, but things are already happening. Get prepared! (I already know you are)


  3. Actually, this video only shows the cops running people off. No far right groups attacked anyone that night. They passed out some fliers, one “migrant” says he got slapped in the face. But no record exists of any attacks. Leftoid media just took the story and ran with it like the always do.


  4. Although one shouldn’t take media reports from this country seriously…. as someone pointed out, there are more to this story than media reports. But still…

    I believe we’re heading for something looking like a low intensive civil war here in Sweden. The real problems will start when the government (perhaps a future government) will finally HAVE to pull the financial brakes (since noone will lend any money to the state etc). At that point, the migrants will become very disappointed. We have already had a guy stabbing two innocent people to death as revenge for not getting asylum here (there might of course be many more cases, but at least one that they haven’t managed to put the lid on). I think he was rejected for the 3rd time, but was still living here since they don’t send out people who are rejected anyway, neither do they take proper id:s of people coming in, so noone really has a clue really as to how many are here, neither who has entered. Who knows how many war criminals from the middle east there are walking around the streets here.

    I believe that when it comes to that moment, when finances are crashing…. all hell is going to break loose here. There will be hostage situations, revenge actions, massive riots, looting, mass rapes… “Revenge” for not getting what they think they should have. And many, many swedes are completely paralyzed and do not know how to respond. They go on about as if nothing is happening, as nothing is wrong. They’re completely cut off from all natural instincts. They have been trusting the state for so long, they don’t know anything else. You just have to let these zombies go. Get as far away from them as possible. They need to suffer to learn.

    I cannot see that the situation in Sweden will end without a lot of violence, although I finally notice people are acknowledging that you cannot trust media. I hope I’m wrong. This will be very, very painful. Hopefully we might at least become a warning to others.


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