Cucks in Iowa go with the Snake-Oil Bible Salesman!


Are Americans in Iowa really this dumb? Yes. Yes they are. They also came out in droves to back another open borders candidate, Marco Rubio, who came in a "strong" 3rd. But Glenn Beck's buddy, Ted Cruz, the Cucked out evangelical lunatic who handed out teddy bears to greet the illegals at the border, came in 1st with the half-dead, fat retards voting in Iowa.

Trump had a strong showing, considering the fact that he skipped the last debate and spent almost nothing in that dreadful state. But I’ll tell you right now… This CONman, Ted Cruz, has no shot in the general election. If by some chance in hell, this bible salesman gets the nod, Clinton and Sanders will be at the head of the snake for the next 8 years.

10 Comments on Cucks in Iowa go with the Snake-Oil Bible Salesman!

  1. Democracy. I cant say that im surprised.


  2. It is disappointing. I have to say I’m surprised that all the polls and the exit polling got it all so wrong. I hate to be one of those conspiracy nuts but it does seem suspicious. Still, crying about conspiracies won’t get us anywhere. We have way too many pathetic cucks among us if pathetic frauds like Cruz and Rubio are getting so many votes. We need to identify that problem and work towards shaming them out of our ranks.


    • Whack job evangelicals mobilized and got off their asses to vote, as the Trump supporters stayed home and watched Fox News and then complained about the results on Breitbart and Free Republic. Same old story… Let the old wind bags in adult diapers and walkers and retarded boomers decide our future. Great job once again by our OWN people!

      New Hamshire, Nevada, and SC will produce Trump victories.

      More on this on the next edition of PTD RADIO


    • Trump was advised that he wouldn’t win Iowa, but decided to get a sounding there anyway, the entire “establishment” machine worked overtime to block Trump from first place, Cruz’s father is a preacher there I heard and was working every church in the state also, they had buss’s available in all the congregations to bring voter to the pols, plus independents couldn’t vote. Cruz is not the real establishment candidate, Rubio is, but Cruz stands a better chance of destroying Trump than Rubio, if Trump is finished they will turn on Cruz next.


  3. The Truth About Ted Cruz


  4. Ted Cruz…Rich, Powerful…World Domination…


  5. Iowa = Weak White People.


  6. Where the rubber hits the road
    @realDonaldTrump POSITIONS


  7. #CorrupTED
    Stop being so harsh with @SenTedCruz . After all he is a Canadian, I guess that’s how they do things up there.


  8. Ted Cruz was born Rafael Cruz in 1970 in Alberta, Canada.

    Rafael Edward Cruz, the senator’s father, claims to have fled Cuba in 1957 even though he was a early supporter of Castro.

    Ted Cruz held dual citizenship in both the United States and Canada until he revoked his Canadian citizenship in 2014

    His father became a naturalized citizen while Ted was working in the administration of George W Bush.

    He was a champion debater (Cruz was also named Speaker of the Year) at Princeton, after graduation in 1992 he attended Harvard Law School,

    While at Harvard Law he reportedly refused to study with anyone who hadn’t spent their undergrad years at Harvard, Princeton or Yale. A GQ profile quoted Damon Watson, one of Cruz’s law-school roommates: “He said he didn’t want anybody from ‘minor Ivies’ like Penn or Brown.”

    He was publically anointed as a “King” by his father and several other extremist Dominionists and leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation movements – making him at present the only President candidate to be anointed as a “King”.

    In a 2012 sermon at an Irving, Texas, megachurch that helped elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate, Cruz’ father Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as “kings” to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the “Seven Mountains” mandate, and “bring the spoils of war to the priests”, thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth”, from the “wicked” to righteous gentile believers.

    Cruz spoke of “Kings who are anointed to go to war, win the war, and bring the spoils of war to the priests.”
    But in a very real sense Ted Cruz has already helped deliver hundreds of millions of dollars, or more, to the evangelical right. Cruz’ past service – as a “king” who brought “spoils to the priests” – is a matter of established record; no less than as a top adviser to President George W. Bush, in 1999 Ted Cruz played a major role in helping the Bush for President campaign lock down the conservative evangelical vote in the 2000 election.

    He worked in private practice for a few years, then met Josh Bolten, George W. Bush’s campaign policy director (also a Princeton alum). He became a domestic policy adviser to Bush during the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign.

    He would marry Heidi Nelson Cruz, another policy adviser, in 2001.
    When the election ended in a recount, the couple went to Florida to work for Bush’s team.

    Ted Cruz’ apparently notable role in getting George W. Bush into the presidency led in turn to Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative” – that continues to this day under two successive Obama administrations and which, during the Bush years, funneled billions of dollars to churches and institutions associated with the religious right.

    Ted Cruz thinks if you do not unconditionally support Israel you are unamerican.

    For two years, 2001-2002, Cruz worked as a lawyer in the Bush administration, serving as assistant attorney general in the Justice Dept. and director of policy planning at the Federal Trade Commission.

    Heidi Cruz worked in Bush’s White House after he was elected, working as director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council from 2003 to 2004, before joining Goldman Sachs in 2005.

    Heidi at the White House, working at the National Security Council reported directly to Condoleezza Rice.

    Heidi Cruz according to a New York Times profile, attended Harvard Business School, a vegetarian is the Managing Director of “too big to fail” elite bank Goldman Sachs in the private wealth-management division, which serves accounts larger than $40 million with the firm.

    President Obama’s top donor in 2008 was Goldman Sachs, in 2009 he bailed out Wall Street.

    Her Husband Senator Ted Cruz is on Her Goldman Sachs Health Insurance Plan, according to the Huffington Post, the coverage is worth $20,000 a year.

    Heidi Cruz struggled with depression, a September 2005 incident in Austin, Texas, where Heidi Cruz was found sitting in a grassy area in between an onramp and a freeway, with her head in her hands and no sign of a vehicle nearby.

    According to the report, the responding officer believed Heidi was a “danger to herself,” and gave her a ride home in his patrol car.

    Goldman Sachs lent 1,000,000.00 dollars by Goldman to assist him in getting elected.(sounds like your average east coast limousine liberal).

    Another one of Cruz’s loans — a line of credit from Citibank

    Cruz said his failure to properly report the loans to the FEC was “an inadvertent filing error”.

    Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations
    May 2005 Task Force Report
    Building a North American Community,“Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America”, code words for North American Union.

    Heidi Cruz was listed as one of 31 Task Force Members on the Future of North America.

    HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.

    Ted Cruz Texas, Senate campaign event Oct. 15, 2011, Cruz called the CFR “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty.
    A CFR official confirmed that Heidi Cruz was an active CFR member at the time under a five-year “term membership.”

    America, do you really want to risk these two snakes Ted and Heidi Cruz in YOUR White House ?


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