Illegal “Immigrants” are the backbone of America?

TRUMP: "Americans who have worked their Asses off are the backbone of America."

Since the start of the 2008 crash, the United States has added just 186,000 native-born Americans to the workforce. That's an average of less than 24,000 jobs a year for American Citizens without work to fight over.


Meanwhile, over that same 8 year span, over 2.5 million jobs have gone to foreign born workers, mostly all 3rd world H1B visa types along with the illegal invaders. Again, that’s 2,500,000 new jobs for the 3rd world invader, and less than 24,000 jobs for the American citizen! Sounds about right. Trump 2016!!!


1 Comment on Illegal “Immigrants” are the backbone of America?

  1. Only Jews are the backbone of America :)…The immigrants will be chewed and thrown back into the dirt like all Americans have in the past. America is a beast…It does not care.

    Proof: All These immigrants kids are into drugs, crime and Pick up artist.. America needs new blood to vampire on


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