What’s Considered Brave & Heroic in America Today?

image.pngMao's Red Guard?

Is it a firefighter rescuing a child out of a burning building? No. Is it a police officer preventing or stopping a violent crime? No. Is it the average working class citizen that goes to work, performs a service for a community, pays his/her taxes, obeys the law and allows "certain parts" of this country to function in a normal and healthy manor? No. None of that shit matters.

What’s brave and heroic in this NEW America, led at the top by #WeakWhiteMen and a sock puppet for a President, is Asian high school students who “Stand Up” to their White Classmates in Epic Yearbook Stunts!


{From Yahoo} You wouldn’t ask everyone with the last name Smith if they were related, would you? Four students sharing the last name Nguyen were evidently so fed up with fielding this question that they joined forces for a combined yearbook quote to get their point across to classmates.

In lieu of a quote or list of extracurriculars was a four-word message spread out below the consecutive portraits:


The photo, posted to Reddit on Wednesday, didn’t provide any context, but collected thousands of upvotes.

4 Asian High School Students Stand Up to Their White Classmates in an Epic Yearbook Stunt

So when some Reddit comments asked why the Vietnamese surname is so common, informed Redditors offered an impromptu history lesson.

When the Nguyen Dynasty seized power in Vietnam in the early 19th century, its leaders “awarded” the last name to many citizens.

But all the credit in the world goes to the students who took their frustrations out in a way their peers could appreciate both for its lesson and its cleverness.

And, if nothing else, it certainly beats “Live, laugh, love.”


5 Comments on What’s Considered Brave & Heroic in America Today?

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  2. But… Fuck it! Arent Angela and Madeline Ngyen related somehow? My deepest apologies if i offended anyone.


  3. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    They do all look the same though. Whites look diverse unlike the gooks, all black straight hair & dark eyes.


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  5. I think the anti-white creeps might be trying to pimp this…It looks to me that these Asian girls just think it funny that there are so many on them with the same surname in the same class at school and it looks like they are all sisters or something.
    Asians usually aren’t spiteful because they are usually highly functioning in society. I could see white Smiths’ doing the same thing and no one would be saying they “showed their non-white class mates…” It’s a good example of social Marxists are just looking to create strife and bull shit “courage” stories like Bruce Jenner.


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