PTD Radio: Episode#35


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #35

***Red Ice / Radio 3Fourteen Interview***

On Today’s show we talked about my interview with Red Ice and why I'd like to work with folks like this in the future. Where this platform needs to go, more on our responsibilities, and the weaklings that stand in our way. This is the extended version... made available for PTD Radio Members ONLY. The hour long interview by itself, is now posted on Radio 3Fourteen, you can stream it or download there. Here is the description:

Rich was formerly behind Truth Militia and the Truth Militia Radio Network. He now runs a new website, Power Through Discipline, and hosts a weekly radio show: PTD Radio. Rich’s new project focuses on rebuilding our men, our families, and the communities we live in by developing power through hardcore discipline. Rich was with us to discuss his mission at PTD, where he’s working through a holistic approach to implement solutions to the main problem we face today in America and the rest of the Western World: a lack of REAL men. By zeroing in on health, fitness, nutrition, family values and spirituality, Rich promotes practical measures to tackle the weak, soft, beaten down, and feminized mindset that has become the hallmark of men in the West.

Rich talks about the need for self-sacrifice, dedication and hard work in transcending the lazy, victimhood mentality plaguing men and women in this modern age of convenience and instant gratification. Rich says that it’s time to own up to and fix the catastrophic mistakes that have led us to our current mess – out of control feminism, wicked cultural and social Marxism, and obnoxious political correctness. We look at the leadership qualities of powerful men like Donald Trump, along with the importance of strong, confident, well-spoken father figures setting examples for our sons and daughters. Rich emphasizes the crucial aspect of getting involved on a local level to ensure the rich fabric of American society is not diluted with 3rd world standards. We round off the conversation with practical solutions for overcoming personal limitations and achieving optimal physical, mental and spiritual well being. Proceed to listen »

Once again, today’s show… the MP3 Download, is now posted in the Radio Club.

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33 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#35

  1. Good stuff Rich! I look forward to listening. You’ll do fine, man.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to the interview Rich.


  3. Good luck Lana, you just invited the wolf to the party. After a few minutes with you, you’ll have their whole damn audience over here Rich. Looking forward to it brother!


  4. I just discovered your blog recently, & I must say I’m pretty excited for you. knock’em dead


  5. this should be a good interview.ilistened to some of lanas shows.she asks straight forward questions and gets to the should do fine good luck and maybe this would lead to the radio and entertainment network that you want showing our peoples heritage and narrative as always you put on good imformation and encouragepeople to do better.


  6. Can’t wait to hear it, can I download or stream the show on their website, or will it be posted here?

    Thanks Rich,

    Keep up the awesome work!


  7. Where’s the download at Rich? You guys did this at 4:00 right? Did you do a long show?

    Post it here when you can bro.


  8. Sorry guys… RedIce is waiting to release the interview this Friday! My mistake. If Lana sends me the MP3 I’ll post it in the Radio Club, check back there for updates!


  9. Friday? Why? Come on RedIce. Just post it already!


  10. patience my young warriors, patience


  11. When I click on the Red Ice link it takes me to a page with that loon Jordan Maxwell. How can they interview that nut, then talk to you Rich? They seem like great people over there, they’ve interviewed some great people but why continue with these certifiable types like Maxwell? I don’t get it. And why wait two days to release an interview, just post the show already.


    • I have no control over that Frank, I was told that it would be up on Friday. I was honored to do the show and it went well, as you’ll hear tomorrow. Lana and Henrich are professionals that want everything to look and sound perfect. They’re good at what they do, and perfectionists take their time!


  12. I was thinking about the idea proposed by you and Joe Northpal about creating a network for our people. Do you guys know any programmers you can coordinate this with? Personally, I’d like to see someone create a site or app that works as an aggregator of all the original content out there. There’s ton of stuff on YouTube but you have to search for and find each individual video. The average person would need you guys to sift through it and put in on your “channel” with a defined schedule.


  13. Love your work brother, look forward to hearing this tomorrow!


  14. Matt from the UK // February 5, 2016 at 3:34 am // Reply

    Congrats on a job well done Rich, obviousy I haven’t heard it yet but I look forward to it and its great that you took the opportunity to spread the message cross-platform and converse with other folk. They are obviously recognizing what you are doing here as interesting and worth sharing with their listeners, which is great, great news.

    However… I am disappointed that, when the interview is posted, and naturally lots of people immediately look up PTD and want to check out this new, different message, they are going to think the impatient whiners in this comment thread, who can’t understand simple English (like “RedIce will post the interview on friday”) or occupy themselves off internet land on a Friday night, are typical followers of the PTD message. It’s a huge shame.

    This isn’t Daily Stormer, where there are a gazillion comments that no one gives a flying f*ck about. When you post a comment here, you represent PTD. These idiots who can’t read a simple statement and be patient, It’s pathetic and reflects terribly on us as a representative cross-section of PTD followers.

    Rich was a GUEST on that show. They were his hosts. Is this how you as followers of PTD, react to our guy being given a great opportunity to speak to another group’s listeners? Moaning like bitches? ‘Waaaa why wont they post it already?! Waaaaa I can’t wait a few hours, it’s friday evening and i have no friends or girlfriend to be with.’ It looks so ungrateful, and makes us look stupid, and rude to the good people at RedIce for having Rich on – they obviously like to do a bit of editting and make sure their show is the best it can be before they post it for you ungrateful fucks. Can’t you losers just jerk off to the 2015 recordings for a few hours?

    Think you dummies. It’s like if Rich ran a gym, and you’re the skinny 120lb weakling, working out in the window, with your emaciated face, and its dead eyes for all to see as they go past, and then you stand outside talking mad smack about how much iron you threw around. People are going to say “no way i’m joining that gym, you think I want to be asociated with the losers that go there?!”

    That’s exactly what people will think when they see comments like these. I guarantee it. They see people who can’t wait a few hours for their latest fix, they see people who are ungrateful to the folk who give their guy a new platform to talk on, they see people who have nothing good to do on a friday night, and who can’t understand that they have to wait for something, and those new visitors coming over to PTD for the first time are going to think: “Looks like another bitch corner for conspiracy lunatics, lizard-chasers, and social outcasts who spend all day on internet land” and they will run a mile in the other drection – good job dickheads.

    In my view, Rich, you wanna delete this entire article and post a new one with the link, and deal with this shit (name and shame) in the next show. These people don’t represent you, you shouldn’t let them sabotage a good thing for PTD and scare off potential new followers with their lack of self-awareness.


  15. Rich where’s the interview bro? I don’t see anything on their page either. Any idea when they’ll put it out?


  16. That was one hell of a interview! Great message that went through to a LARGE crowd.
    I am cocky enough to take credit for this, i posted a link in the comment section below Marcus Follins interview.
    Take it easy with the ovations guys, the pleasure was all mine.


  17. First time here, and man what a breath of fresh air, what a kick ass high energy interview. I’m a Long time RedIce listener and dedicated activist here in PA. You just won me over and this will now be a frequent stop for me. Incredible show by the two of you. Awesome job!


  18. That was well worth the wait, what a fucking awesome awesome show’ top knotch stuff here. Spread this one everywhere people.


  19. Good thing Lana was there to carry the show…lol


    • Yeah really Rich, Lana stole the show! ;)) Lol

      Seriously though what a great interview. Would love to have a friend like Lana.

      -Sam ;))


  20. Definitely worth the wait, fine job to the both of you!


  21. Dave_in_Ohio // February 7, 2016 at 11:07 pm // Reply

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago
    So far the Super Bowl is very boring – not nearly as exciting as politics – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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  22. So is David Duke a cuck in your opinion, given the emphasis he places on the Jewish question? Was Hitler? Do you have anything constructive to say to your comrades about how to address this important topic, or do you prefer to abuse them rather than argue your case?

    I stopped listening when I reached the part, about 10 mins in, where you apparently confused the skirt-wearing protestors in Germany with White nationalists. (They were leftists, obviously.) “This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about; my time is too precious to continue listening to him” I thought. Just a little constructive criticism–I’m sure you’ll take it like the big tough man you are.

    I can see why, by your own admission, you cop so much criticism from our own side on here.


    • I don’t know if Cuck is the right word, no I wouldn’t say he’s a Cuck. However, his focus of attention in my opinion has been entirely on 2% of the population, a group that would have nothing and be nothing of significance if it wasn’t for the full support of White Europeans and Americans, who’ve done nothing but subsidize their product for generations.

      This man served in public office and was appreciated by the majority of his constituents.

      Since that time he’s become a book writer, pushing a failed approach that has gone nowhere, it’s a proven failure that doesn’t attract the right people and does nothing to address the problems we have with our own men. Over two decades of pushing this Jew shit has done what exactly?

      Has it achieved political power anywhere? No

      Has it gotten anyone into public office here? No

      Has it led to new career paths and job opportunities? No

      Has it changed our men for the better, and has it encouraged them to drop all their vices, and crutches, and excuses? No

      Your approach is wrong sir. And so is his.


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