PTD Radio: Episode#36


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #36

***Making Our Men Great Again***

On today’s show we talked about a lot of issues pertinent to men! How do we make our men great again? How to deal with our women… What you do, and what you NEVER do? The mass rape of women in Europe and how the “men” should handle it? Trump in New Hampshire and Eminent Domain. My review of “Cartel Land” on Netflix. The REAL reason why we don’t have a legitimate powerful media outlet. And an email with keto questions from a PTD Member. The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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5 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#36

  1. OK, let me try to add to that list of potential talent.

    In addition to:
    Power Through Discipline
    Red Ice Creations
    Pressure Project
    The Golden One

    I’d like to see:
    Richard Spencer (new generation of the alt right)
    Stefan Molyneux (very intelligent, informative, well spoken, more libertarian)
    Ramzpaul (funny guy, alt right, entertaining videos)
    Angelo John Gage (different from PTD but I think he’s in NJ)
    James Edwards (Southerners like this guy)
    Matthew Heimbach (if he distances himself from the internet nazis)
    James Lancia (not sure if he’d be interested in media?)

    The rest are pretty much Joo obsessed.

    Not much out there Rich, and lot of these guys are entirely different from PTD.


  2. Solid show man.
    My wife and i had a blast when the women issue came up. I agreed and told her to like it as well.
    I run pretty much the same websites that you do besides some swedish ones.
    You’ve ruined Red Ice for me though. Is it a interesting interwiev ill listen but all to often they whine and bitch about conspiracies. I understand they have a different meaning and approach but still, it gets boring after a while. I liked it very much before but PTD has set a new standard.
    Keep it up.


  3. In addition to your list, I can only think of a few others. Seventh Son and Mike Enoch from the Daily Shoah I find to be really entertaining. With a little overall polish, and less emphasis on the big bad Jew, I think they could do some great things. Also, Mike Sledge I thought was another good radio personality. I know the man has had his flaws but I don’t recall ever not feeling any sort of emotion while listening to his shows. And lastly, I thought your cousin Keith was an excellent on air personality. I know he has kind of veered off into a strange direction with the Christian Identity stuff, but he had passion, and raw emotion that was hard to replicate. Other then that, most of the other personalities in this ‘fight’ have more negatives then positives.


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