#WeakWhiteMen comment on the RedIce Interview!


RedIce Radio3Fourteen on YouTube

When you get a chance, take a few minutes to read the YouTube comments from all these Cucked-out WN's and Joo Chasers, once again, avoiding the REAL problem!

Just listen to these Cucks… “It’s the media, it’s the schools, it’s indoctrination, it’s the legal system with family courts and a lack of jobs. The liberal media, liberal feminists, and other liberal groups have infiltrated the mainstream. I don’t like this guys language, he’s too rough, we need more soft spoken, pseudo-intellectual types, book writers and cocktail party conferences! I’d knock this guy out (behind my computer) if he rubbished white men in front of me. And then, to top it all off… listen to this bitch laughing along with this Jew lover.”

This is the crowd we must distance ourselves from. They’re born losers. Some of them mature, and get their acts together. But many of them don’t, and they continue down that dead end, failed “approach.” What that “approach” is? I couldn’t tell you, and neither can they! Word to the wise, stop making excuses for these immature “men.” Tough love, and developing “power through discipline” is the only thing that will ever rebuild this crowd of weak little misfits, cranks, Joo chasers and basement dwellers!


20 Comments on #WeakWhiteMen comment on the RedIce Interview!

  1. Our entire civilization is falling and grown men cry when the only one with a solution has a foul mouth. Why am i not surprised?
    I didnt know they had comments to Lanas shows?


    • Ahaa, youtube comments.


    • That’s simply because they don’t want solutions Markus! They have a “fun” hobby and “cool” websites that they can troll on, fight, bicker, whine and complain like the little girls they are. They don’t actually want to “DO” anything! If they came out from behind those screens you’d walk so far, so fast in the other direction your fucking head would spin.

      Don’t worry bro, the REAL Men are making their way over here. New members every single day. And now they’re coming in droves!


  2. What a bunch of sissy faggots, yeah that’s just what we need in Europe right now, a bunch of dickless “intellectuals” exposing conspiracy theories and Jews. How stupid can you possibly be?

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  3. I believe in synchronicity. A recent realisation of a long nagging self-disgust, has made me question everything about who I think I am. “Be vital, be vital, you’ve got to be vital!” has become the only thought in my head, drowning out the indignation-junky conspiracy theorist and the loser’s vain imaginings.
    I know God has been pushing me toward something but I didn’t know what. Then last night I see this interview on YT. I only heard the first minute before coming over to this website where I proceeded to listen and read everything available to non-members. Ant that’s it! I’m all in! Gotta get vital, gotta get big and strong and be someone that I respect, that others respect – and fear. No more dough boy, no more atrophied muscles, laziness, self-censorship and timidness. It’s time to stand up. If I don’t start now I may as well lay down and die. What good am I to anyone in the state I have been in for the last 20 + years? Gotta get big and strong. Gotta get vital. Gotta start NOW!


    • Thank you for seeing the light brother!

      I will no doubt highlight your comments on my next show!

      Push forward young man, and conquer your path!


      • @Admin
        Well, fortunately or unfortunately I’m no young man. I say 20 + years as in the amount of time I have been too old to be forgiven for behaving like a shithead. It’s that vague line between “oh, he’s an idiot teenager.” and “oh, he’s an idiot!”
        Hey I just had my first consultation at the local gym and they are drawing up my strength and diet program. Start monday with a trainer for a few months then 6 day a week from there. Yeah, yeah I know… a trainer, but if you knew the condition I am in you would understand why I would need to have somebody actually teach me how to use fucking gym equipment! Plus I need to be rolled int he shit a bit, y’know, just until I kick that lazy excuse-making monkey off my back.
        They all like that I wrote on my application that my primary goal was to become “powerful and masculine”
        Oh fuck, I got a lot of work ahead of me!


    • Great to hear Jimmy. We know what the problems are…but know its time for solutions!

      What can we control? We can hit the Gym and get fit. I got roped into getting a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. I’m relatively fit and I thought I knew what I was doing. But I have learned a lot! Its all about form and its good to have someone look at you and adjust your form so you are working the right muscle groups. Its expensive, but after a while you will have learned the routines, form, etc. You can take this with you the rest of your life. You will have new confidence in the gym. I highly recommend it, its worth the expense.

      Think about eventually joining an MMA Gym as well. I hope to do so soon.

      Also, consider volunteering for trump. No more talk, its action time.


      • Cheers man, thanks for the input. Yeah confidence building is a big part of it for me, so kicking the conspiracy buzz and putting my energy into growing big & strong seems like a good first step to becoming potent and purposeful.
        I don’t know about MMA but there is a boxing gym near where I live that I plan on joining once I get my fitness up – and learn how to punch!
        I hear ya about Trump, but truth be told I’m a long time Cruz supporter. I like Trump’s attitude and I’m always impressed by his confidence and drive. I also like his proposed economic, tax, and 2nd amendment policies. But I just don’t trust the dude to follow through based on his history of donating to dems. If he wins the nomination I feel he will cast aside the tea party conservative vote for the much larger moderate democrat vote and thus soften or completely flip his message. I mean, he still won’t tell us what his healthcare plan is, other than it will be “much, much, better” and “terrific!” (though to be fair anything other than Barry’s Unaffordable Healthcare Act would be).
        But that’s my opinion – and as much as I wouldn’t tell anyone who to support, I would encourage anyone – of any stripe – to consider this recent article by Ben Shapiro: http://www.dailywire.com/news/3280/sanders-and-trump-are-same-totalitarian-candidate-ben-shapiro


  4. You’re absolutely right Jimmy. Good for you! We are always changing, either for the worse or the better. To realize our weaknesses and turn them into strengths is a path of a warrior. Welcome aboard brother!


  5. I believe playing the blame game has to be one of the most hardest things to overcome, from my personal experience. PTD reminds me of that movie the field of dreams. Build it and they will come. Rich built this site and now it is interesting to witness the weeding out of the weak and the strong or the culling of the herd if you want to call it. This is great! Some will realize it and make changes and others won’t, that is not up to us. All we need to do is focus on ourselves let it spread from there.


    • -the weeding out of the weak”

      Yes, and the weak are the ones that dont accept their own responsibility.
      Rich is calling them out right now and many are answering the call. He had me at the first show because i’ve talked with these beta males for years, trying to get them out on the streets to patrol our neighbourhood and stuff like that, no one cared, there was no jew holding them back, it was themselves! It was more fun to drink beer and watch tv.
      The men amongst us need PTD.


  6. -I’d knock this guy out”

    A weird response when your fellow tribesmen call to arms wouldnt ya think?


  7. Dave_in_Ohio // February 10, 2016 at 3:31 pm // Reply

    Weak white people are masters of misinterpretation.


  8. @Markus
    No doubt. There’s a lot of kooks out there. Need to weed them out. Actually they weed themselves out when we stand up and draw the line and call them out.


  9. Smile, Satan loves you! // February 12, 2016 at 2:06 pm // Reply

    Don’t you guys find it a little ironic when you bash and “tough talk” guys from other sites for bashing and “tough talking” This shit is ridiculous.


    • What the hell are you even talking about?

      Can anyone besides this retard above, make any sense of this?


    • I find it ironic that weak white faggots like you continue to make your way over here with your periods and your feminine weak white male bullshit… Something must be attracting you here? Stick around a bit… maybe at some point you’ll find your balls again?


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