Trump Supporters Shutdown BLM at Rutgers University

Subsidized Cultural Marxists Shutdown at Rutgers!

These confused, immature children that parade themselves around as "Black Lives Matter" continue to define the utter and complete lunacy of the modern day social Marxist creep. These infantile children should be put on heavy doses of psychiatric medication and locked up in padded rooms, away from the rest of society!

The other normal college students, the REAL students, who earned their admission did a great job handling that situation. They want to shout, shout them down, don’t even give them an opportunity to speak. From now on, the response everywhere, should be exactly that… Loud chants of TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!!!

6 Comments on Trump Supporters Shutdown BLM at Rutgers University

  1. Shame on these radical Cultural Marxist buffoons.


  2. Fake Blood and War Chants: Milo Yiannopoulos Event at Rutgers Disrupted by Feminists, Black Lives Matter Activist
    From the breitbart site.

    No one and nothing can defy the The TRUMP EFFECT!

    I would love to see our folks running for upcoming Congressional and Senate seats as both Trump Republicans and Trump Democrats, with a platform : To help Trump get Done the work that is needed to Make America Great and ensure Trump keeps to his pledges to Americans to Make America Great. That is all you need, for everything else you just promote the Trump platform.

    This is an opportunity that cannot be wasted, I wish I was young enough to do it myself, but it is your turn guys and you finally got the break of a lifetime.
    What will our people do ?
    Continue to whine about the bogeyman on the internet?
    Keep ‘waking’ people up on a hundred subscription youtube channel ?
    Put your nose to the grindstone uncovering that ZOG masonic diabolical plan that abducted the real Trump along with Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and many others to a secluded island where they live out comfortable lives as their doubles perform prescripted roles ?
    Troll Troll Troll ?
    Forget that pipe dream, no way, for sure you’d have to pledge allegiance to Israel and only a compromised person would do that.
    Hang in there, worse is better, the ‘collapse’ is any day now.

    Shit, it’s snowing like hell, what’s on TV?.


  3. It looks like the commies are getting some pushback…


  4. hey rich you talk about weak white males,and you are right.but these mystery meat students causing the disturbance look like a bunch of pussies.i don,t think the fat fuck with the beard could get much physical violence out of that pilsbury doughboy body of his.i will bet 80percent of these so called tough guys are like that.these guys and girls really believe because their black they can beat anyones ass.they are the biggest pussies out there and the average white college student is afraid of on one most of them ain,t shit.


    • I understand your position Joe, but there’s a time and place for everything, and those young people are there for an education, not a fist fight. But I get your point!


  5. dear rich I understand that these kids have to get an education.i was not advocating that they start something.i was just pointing out for future refrences some of the weakness of our enemies.even the military says know your enemy.i just wanted to point out to the average white college student our enemies aren’t all powerfull or unbeatable.something they can keep in the back of there mind.


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