Glenn “the beta-Cuck” Beck!


This piece of shit exemplifies the problem of #WeakWhiteMen better than any individual case out there. This closet homo spent his time live tweeting during the GOP debate in SC, crying about the "bullying" tactics of Donald Trump, here are some of his tweets:

Glenn Beck ✔@glennbeck. Trump gets boo’d on attack on Jeb. Is this what America is looking for in a President? A boorish narcissist bully? #GOPdebate

Glenn Beck ✔@glennbeck. If America doesn’t see what an unhinged bully Donald Trump is after tonight’s debate, there is no decency left. Now he mocks Barbara Bush. #GOPdebate

Glenn Beck ✔@glennbeck. “I would work with congress” to punish companies that move to mexico. No constitutional authority!! How?? Dictator. #GOPDebate

Glenn Beck ✔@glennbeck. The hatred and anger inside of Trump is breath taking.He is truly frightening.I would worry about safety if I were alone with him. #GOPDebate

After the debate Beck would go on to say that:

Tonight’s debate is the most uncomfortable, angry, hate-filled 2 hours I have ever experienced. Is anyone else shaken by this? I found it seriously and deeply disturbing. The psychiatric community needs to step up and address what we are witnessing. This man is a narcissistic psychopath. That is NOT name calling, that is a search for a diagnosis. If he is not then he is merely a game show host that is trying to get ratings. If that is true, that, in and of itself, is a sign of a deep disturbance. It is not a presidential debate. It is a combination of WWE, a cheap game show and the worst of Jerry Springer. I believe, if this is not the eye opening moment for America on who Donald Trump is at the core, this country is surely lost. Four years of this bully will lead to civil war or worst. The poison that is being injected into our body couldn’t be more toxic. Because I know God is just, tonight, I tremble for my country. Those with influence that do not speak out now, will pay a heavy price when liberty is lost and evil grows.

Yes of course Beck… You’re right… We must always be polite, and calm, and sensitive, and soft spoken and easy around the edges. Don’t curse, don’t judge, don’t be mean, don’t get in the mud, don’t call anyone a liar, don’t raise your voice, don’t act like a man. We’ve been led by Cucks like this for nearly a century, and look where’s it’s gotten us? These boys need to just step aside, and get the hell out of the damn way, because their way of doing things hasn’t worked, and it never will!


2 Comments on Glenn “the beta-Cuck” Beck!

  1. morris adams // February 15, 2016 at 3:56 am // Reply

    uncomfortable, shaken, seriously and deeply disturbing.. Four years of this bully will lead to civil war or worse… as opposed to 7 fukin years of a communist dictator??!! with real civil/revo war possible at any fukin minute!!?? I tremble.. God, what a pussy!! beck used to talk serious shit then all of a sudden… there’s no doubt to me, he got touched. and instead of quitting, he took the money. fear of death is an irrational fear. we will all die and we must leave a legacy. i don’t know, as i sit here, using a fake name, I’m disgusted by the abuse these, all, radio personalities put themselves through. they all walk right up to the edge then, when you think they’re gonna say something TRUE, immediately they spout the rhetoric.. Assad is a mad man, ex KGB Putin wants to reestablish the soviet union.. just say nothing!! if the best you can do is perpetuate the lie, then just STFU!! I’m really sick of pussies. you don’t have to be tough but you can’t be a pussy… again, as i type under a fake name.. not a pussy, just not looking to make it easy for ’em! of course, the real heroes, the real truth speakers…. are dead. Breitbart, Hastings… hell, i ain’t sure Scalia’s death is up n up.. Ginsberg is still alive.. Why?? beck is right about one thing.. dark days are a comin’!!


  2. We must Plow through these #WWM, then deal with the rest! Start locally! Start Now! Unless we want to see our children and their children become Totally dominated! I don’t even give a F about myself as much as our Children’s Future… Come on! Man Up!


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