Kanye West: Prime Example of a Weak Black Man!


West Says He's $53 Million in Debt, Asks Mark Zuckerberg to Invest $1 Billion in His Ideas

Not only does this guy shit on his own women, while marrying and reproducing outside of his own race, but he poisons the minds of fatherless young black men (raised by women) that don't stand a chance. And now he's 53 million dollars in debt... crawling back to the slave master and the plantation begging for a handout! 

West is known for brilliant lyrics like: “You gotta let me know if I could be your Joseph /Only tell you real shit, that’s the tea, no sip /Don’t trip, don’t trip, that pussy slippery, no whip /We ain’t tripping on shit, we just sipping on this /Just forget the whole shit, we could laugh about nothing /I impregnate your mind, let’s have a baby without fucking, yo.”

Black men, is this the kind of role model you want for your children? Another house Negro begging for crumbs at the table of the “white” man, only in this case, a Jewish man? This is pathetic. If any of you read this blog, you know that your men are fucking weak!

Your men have no respect for black women. Your men run out on their children. Your men chase after trashy white women. Your men act like women, they dress like clowns, they dance on a wimb like fairies, they’re obsessed with fashion and consumerism, and they’ve lost all sense of loyalty to their community!

Strong Black Men, grab a hold of these weaklings, shame them into submission, grab them by the throats and get rid of this weak feminine behavior, get rid of these weak black men and start revitalizing the black community for black people in America. We here at PTD, support strong white communities, and strong black communities led by REAL men!

2 Comments on Kanye West: Prime Example of a Weak Black Man!

  1. Wonder who lent him $53M?


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