The Pressure Project!

Radio3Fouteen Interview with Justin Garcia

Please take some time when you get a chance to check out the Pressure Project run by Justin Garcia and his partner. The message is PTD friendly, and mirrors much of what we do here. Show these guys your support. We hope to work with these men, and other men like this in the future! Follow the links below...

Website: The Pressure Project

YouTube: The Pressure Project

3 Comments on The Pressure Project!

  1. Regarding “The Pressure Project”… I cannot remember any other website promoting a potentially competing website as you have done. I know funds and supporters are as “Scarce as Hens Teeth”.

    Richard, you never fail to impress me with your ardor for our people, even if it might cost you a bit in support funds. Integrity Matters… I set PTD up for automatic monthly donations. I will send an extra donation as soon as I can find out where the wife hid my wallet. She always gets nervous when I am online and in a generous mood, LOL .


    • Thanks Sarge, yeah bro I always support and promote anyone that I think does good work, work that impacts us directly, and I’m hoping to develop working relationships with these folks in the near future.


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