PTD Radio: Episode#37


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #37

***Winter Winds of the North***

On today’s show we talked about the ongoing rape of the middle class in conjunction with the rise of Bernie Sanders. Is a Communist America inevitable? What are the Millennial attitudes towards socialism? Do the economic elites really fear Communism? Parents take action in Virgina. What is a productive form of protest? How do we become REAL Men? All of this along with some great listener comments and email. The MP3 Download will be posted in the Radio Club shortly!

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6 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#37

  1. Great show Rich. That last e-mail was very powerful. Secondly, thank you for calling out the snake oil salesman Wolf Wall Street. This fraud is the typical weak white male lazy boomer fuck that has put us in the position we are in, and we need to fight against. It may be a good idea to remove his comments about Trump running as a third party candidate leading to a Jewish Fascist dictatorship, or whatever the fuck the old kook was rambling about. Thirdly, being family day in Alberta I wanted to wish the best for you and yours. Keep up the great job. Be vital!


  2. Rich, good show as always. I agree with you on Bernie Sanders, and how screwed up our countrymen have become. Odds are, this will be the turning point for America. If Trump wins, we have a chance to fight back. If he doesn’t, we can expect a civil war or collapse to occur. We need to start working on the media site you mentioned, and I am more than willing to aid you in establishing it.

    Too many of the pro-white websites circle jerk about Nazism and talking about Jews, and not about improving ourselves. We need to start a community here and working towards fixing our communities and helping our people out. Agree with you completely about the websites talking about Anne Frank or the 3rd reich, its boring and doesn’t do anything to help now.


  3. Thumbs up.


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