This is why Russia will never succumb to Invasion!


Father Frost 2016 Video Here

As I've said in the past... Societies led by strong men, do not falter! Secondly, the sight and sound of us alone should deter any outsiders that pose a threat to our existence and our way of life. Our presence alone should let anyone know that we're not the group of people you want to fuck with! Do these men look like their forming a welcoming party?

Europe is being conquered demographically, not just because of some nefarious plot by the plutocrats that run Western Europe, but because their “men” have become the laughing stock of the world. Much like American “men” they’re weak, soft, fat, lazy, nihilistic, apathetic, feminine, emasculated excuse makers that resemble flocks of wounded prey vulnerable to bloodthirsty wolves (invading migrants), many of whom are hardened, and ready for war.

So what’s the solution?

Step one in these countries is to put down the remote control, the computer, the cell phone, the game consul, and get as BIG, and as strong, and as mean as possible. That’s number 1.

Step two is learn how to fight, strike, and defend yourself!

Step three is for the men in these countries to form “citizen patrols.” We won’t call them para-military organizations. Language is key! You always respect the police, you don’t get in their way… and you never talk about violence… you talk about self defense and protection… and you handle your business!


11 Comments on This is why Russia will never succumb to Invasion!

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  2. Rich, awesome video! I can see how you want to start an MMA gym. This would attract masculine men who would most likely be a good fit for the PTD Movement.
    I like how this Russian gym seems to have an ideological component as well…ancestors, hierarchy, patriarchy, etc. I can see how this creates a bond between the members; its just not a place to show up and work out and go home…it’s a tribe looking out for one another. This is made possible through the ideological component.
    Could such a gym or chain of gyms be started in the USA? Could this be the beginning of a true resistance based on positive growth? Could this be the creation of a new culture to eclipse the old decadent one?


    • Yes, but at the current moment, our situation is entirely different here. We have guns, we have local control, we don’t have speech laws, and we have Trump!


  3. Hate to piss on your parade, mate, but this putin worship is getting out of control.

    In chrome – right click the page – translate to english to read the comments.

    Red Square 2014 new year – not a single russian face

    Your beloved putin is a russian-hating marxist. In case you didn’t know his famous expression (I know, rt doesn’t mention it all too often):

    ‘Russia for the russians say only assholes or provocateurs’ – says putin pouring shit over the russian tzars and scintists

    Putin: Russia needs more migrants

    Instead of listening to the sermons of Anglin and other idiots preaching putin’s fighting against da jews watch this

    And this –

    -is a testament of how the kgb terrorist (who blew up hundreds of Russian people in 1999 and blamed the chechens for it to start the second war and on top of it usurp power) is outplaying the damn jews.

    Send this pic to the morons from dailystormer – – they’ll explain it away (by your being a jew yourself!)

    How about this? – – you’re all waxing ecstatic about putin liberating Ukraine from da jews – and putin’s second channel says putin is working with the jews to build more synagogues in Crimea!

    Oh, rt forgot to tell you that? Only ‘phosphorus bombs’ (with pictures taken from Iraq. Pathetic), ‘children crucified by the evil ukronazis’ (time to grow up), boeings full of children (you have only 1 chance to get your mind straight – and all the other bullshit – but in reality we’re gonna have more synagogues there! Oh how wonderful!

    Is it so freaking hard to look at the list of putin’s oligarchs and study their names – and draw correct conclusions?

    Here’s the latest one –

    Post it on the front page: ‘White Knight Putin urges jew parasites to come back to their motherland’

    What a joke…

    Is it so damn hard to find a single person who speaks Russian in your whole damn country, sit him on his ass and command him to translate the news from INSIDE of Russia into english? And actually read about the complete destruction of the country you so much adore???

    Here’s your jew savior:

    Take him. He’s all yours. You deserve him.


    • Why are you posting this shit here you idiot?

      This article hasn’t mentioned one word about Putin?

      As far as I know Rich hasn’t said or wrote one damn thing about Putin?

      This is a story about Russian men in general, not Putin.


  4. I think you may have a troll. Double what Tim posted,,,




  6. Hey Victor, do us all a favor and take your period, your Joo obsession, and your crank pot shit somewhere else.


    Seriously though, great points Rich. That should be mandatory step number one of us men here at PTD. This has to be internalize and become our way of life not just some fleeting motivational fad which burns out. A lot of hard work ahead of us here but the results will be rewarding. I totally changed my diet start working out early in the morning and I’m looking into some MMA gyms. This isn’t just some fad for me either . everything I’ve done throughout my whole life has brought me to this point and this has become my way of life. Our future generations are at stake here. PTD!

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