PTD Membership is Exploding!


Donate Button with Credit Cards Power Through Discipline as a website, was established at the very end of July 2015. Since that time, our audience has grown exponentially. PTD Memberships started back in October, with a few dozen folks that jumped on board from the onset. As of today, we now have over 300 members, with new folks signing up everyday. If our numbers continue to grow at this rate, we'll soon reach 500, and eventually the thousands.

At that point, our “radio club” here will soon turn into an influential organization, that continues to bring in new people. And by then, new personalities will have to participate here, in producing media: articles and news stories from a PTD slant, radio shows, video channels, whatever we can produce in conjunction with local activism, and possible PTD meetups in your area. If you can participate at some capacity here, please let me know. Thank you all for your ongoing support!

Conservative/traditionalist minded Americans and Europeans don’t have their own media because our own people would rather pay a cable bill (and poison their homes) than fund and/or support people like us. They’d rather buy beer, or cigarettes, or drugs, or junk food, or waste money and time playing in fantasy football leagues… essentially handing it over willingly (with a BIG smile on their face) to our enemies!


I have said it before, and I’ll say it again… If you think someone is doing good work, support them with your words of encouragement and financial assistance. People like me are dedicating their time to do this. They are taking time away from their jobs, their families, and their children. If you don’t want to donate to this site that’s fine, but at least find “one” to support financially!

Here is a list of friends, financial supporters, and PTD Members who have donated to help this site grow!


Kurt in Alabama

Brent in Alabama

Eric in Arizona

Kris in Arizona

Mark in Arizona

Tomas in Arizona 

Steve B. in Arizona

Steve L. in Arizona 

John in Arkansas

Jerry in Arkansas

Jason in California 

Thomas in California

Dan in California 

Bill in California

Erick in California 

James in California

David in California

Kevin in California

Jon in California

Louis in California

Martin in California

Gary in California 

John in California 

Reilly in California

Joe in California 

Christopher in Connecticut 

Benjamin in Connecticut

Ted in Connecticut

Sal in Connecticut

Chris in Connecticut

Joe in Delaware

Ralph in Delaware

Keitha in Florida

Greg in Florida

Mike in Florida

DSF in Florida

Dia in Florida

Gary in Florida

Matt in Florida

Tim in Florida

Mike in Georgia

Cyrus in Georgia

Robert in Georgia

Edward in Idaho

Dave in Idaho

Quinton in Idaho

Nicholas in Idaho

Frank in Illinois

Alex in Illinois

Doug in Illinois 

Andrew in Illinois 

Paul in Illinois

Abe in Illinois

Rich in Illinois 

Aaron in Indiana

Braden in Indiana 

Nick in Indiana

Shay in Indiana

Dale in Indiana

Graham in Iowa

Robert in Iowa

Jacob in Kansas

Drew in Kentucky

Zack in Louisiana 

Zach in Maine

Sam in Maine

Andrew in Maryland

William in Maryland

Zach in Maryland 

James in Maryland

Patrick in Maryland

Ed in Massachusetts

Joe in Massachusetts

Ryan in Massachusetts 

Damon in Massachusetts 

Nick in Massachusetts 

Pete in Massachusetts 

Ben in Massachusetts

Mike in Michigan

Derrick in Michigan 

Paul in Michigan

Travis in Minnesota

Rick in Minnesota

Jared in Minnesota 

Jessica in Minnesota

Greg in Missouri

Carl in Missouri 

Rich in Missouri 

William in Montana

Dean in Nebraska

Bill in Nebraska 

Rory in New Hampshire 

Joe Northpal New Jersey

Carly in New Jersey

Brad in New Jersey

Peter in New Jersey

Jeff in New Jersey

Scott in New Jersey

Sam in New Jersey

Brett in New Jersey

Kyle in New Jersey

Dave in New Jersey

Brian in New Jersey

Joe in New Jersey

Tony in New Jersey

Angelo in New Jersey

Don in New Jersey

Rich in New Jersey

Shane in New Jersey

Grant in New Jersey

William in New Jersey

Alex in New Jersey

Salvatore in New Jersey

Derek in New Jersey

Jerry in New Jersey

Mark in New Jersey

Chris in New Jersey

John in New Jersey

Brian in New Mexico

Anna in New York

Mark in New York

Bill in New York

George in New York

Tony in New York

Jeff in New York

Dave in New York

W.H. in New York

Victor in New York

Justin in New York

Troy in New York

Patrick in New York

Lorenzo in New York

Thomas in New York

Waylon in North Carolina

Bryan in North Carolina

Dave in Ohio

Allen in Ohio

John in Ohio 

Nathaniel in Ohio

Edward in Ohio

Jacob in Ohio

Gable in Oklahoma

Henry in Oklahoma 

Stan in Oklahoma 

Joseph in Oregon

Steve in Oregon 

Jim in Oregon

Bryant in Oregon  

Matt in Pennsylvania

Kevin in Pennsylvania

Jake in Pennsylvania 

Greg in Pennsylvania 

Samantha in Pennsylvania 

Michael in Pennsylvania

Rich in Pennsylvania 

Steve in Pennsylvania 

Pauly in Rhode Island

Steve in Rhode Island

Pat in Rhode Island

Lana in South Carolina

Michael in South Carolina 

Hunter in Tennessee

Jackson in Tennessee 

Justin in Tennessee 

Peter in Texas 

Randy in Texas

Taylor in Texas

Michael in Texas

Roger in Texas

Dalton in Texas

Mason in Texas

Max in Texas

Oliver in Texas 

Shaun in Texas

Betty in Utah

Robert in Utah

Ayla in Utah

Hanna in Vermont

Fred in Vermont

Mathew in Vermont 

Rudy in Virginia

James in Virginia

Rob in Virginia

Kyle in Virginia

Mateusz in Virginia 

Kathryn in Washington

Mike in Washington

William in Washington 

Sheila in West Virginia

Jamie in West Virginia

Andrew in West Virginia

Jeremiah in West Virginia

Brock in Wisconsin

Louis in Wisconsin 

Robert in Wyoming

Dwight in Wyoming

Old Sarge in Wyoming 

Jeff in Wyoming 

Chris in Wyoming

Anthony S in United States

Anthony M in United States

Joey B in United States

Jeff B in United States

Dan in United States

Benjamin in United States

Kyle in United States

Dave in United States

Chance in United States

Mike T in United States

James R in United States

Ryanne in United States

Kristian in Australia

Robert in Australia

Christopher in Australia

James in Australia 

Derek in Australia

Stefan in Austria

Michael in Belgium

Marc in Belgium

Servaas in Belgium 

Edward in Canada

Jim in Canada

Kalfic in Canada

Fedor in Canada

Kevin in Canada

Mark in Canada

Jack in Canada

Eric in Canada

George in Canada

James in Chech Republic

Ivan in Croatia

Mikkel in Denmark

Mikko in Finland

Tapio in Finland

Antoine in France

Florian in Germany

Zach in Germany

Markus in Germany

Mark in Germany

Ciaran in Ireland

Collin in Ireland

Patrick M. in Ireland

Patrick S. in Ireland 

Jack in Ireland

Jon in Ireland

Shane in Ireland

Dannio in Italy

Ricardo in Italy 

Vincent in Italy

Gio in Italy

Pietro in Italy

Lorenzo in Italy

Lars in the Netherlands

Jesse in the Netherlands

Niek in the Netherlands

Patrick in New Zealand

William in New Zealand

Eric in New Zealand

Iain in Norway

Mats in Norway

Peter in Norway

Skuli in Norway

Andre in Portugal

Andrei in Romania

Marius in Romania

Emershan in South Africa

Jamie in South Africa

Christopher in South Africa

Luke in South Africa

Alvaro in Spain

Emanuel in Spain

Brieanne in Sweden

Heinrich in Sweden

Markus in Sweden

Mikael in Sweden

Adil in Sweden

Linnea in Sweden

Mathias in Sweden

Albin in Sweden

Simon in the UK

Charles in the UK

Kieran in the UK

Stephen in the UK

John in the UK

Matthew in the UK 

Joseph in the UK 

Tristan in the UK

William in the UK

James in the UK

Rich in the UK

Matt in the UK

Enda in the UK

15 Comments on PTD Membership is Exploding!

  1. Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  2. Chris from NNJ // February 17, 2016 at 8:04 am // Reply

    First reply here great to see the growth. I Met this beast about a month ago in the gym, awesome awesome very knowledgable dude. You do great work here Rich. I’m not all that computer savvy or tech savvy or anything that has to do with websites but anything else I can do to help let me know? Talk soon brother


    • Thanks Chris, as far as help, the only thing you can do is try to get more people over here. Face to face, social media, email whatever, just get them here!

      In the meantime I’m conjuring up ideas right now for where we can take this. Eventually, we’ll need dedicated paid commentators who publish their work either here or at whatever website we decide to use or create.

      The general idea now… Is to create one membership website where subscribers will gain access to a select list of other membership programs around the web.

      Everyone keeps their websites, and personal membership programs, but as a way to branch out. We offer an additional membership to subscribers which will grant them access to maybe dozens of different media outlets and membership programs.

      I will be pitching the idea to others soon.


  3. The PD Army is growing…
    Be sure to sign up for monthly donations guys…it save you time and it helps fuel this site! It makes you apart of this movement.


  4. Thumbs Up👍


  5. Rich why don’t you just put aside your differences with some of the others out there and just create one giant team?


    • Because then he’s responsible for what they do, say, and all the weird stuff they put out.

      Stay solo Rich and let the good/right people come to you, they will.


    • I’m in the process of going over a few ideas, but every time I come up with something, I just think of the negative impact it’ll have on us here if I get involved with the wrong people, which is why I’m trying to recruit from within. We’ll give it some time and see what we get!


  6. Excellent news, good to see so many here in NJ!


  7. Soon , we’ll be an ARMY! HAHAHAAAA!!!
    Seriously though, that’s how we should see it


  8. Going to set up an automatic donation deposit for ya Rich! Great job , let’s keep Rock’n!


  9. To all my Cali peeps out here, we’lll have to collaborate soon to make california great again! PTD!


  10. That’s a great goal. I see it coming


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