PTD Radio: Episode#38


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #38

***Strong Confident Men***

On today’s show we talked about Trump’s BIG victory in South Carolina. My expanded theory on Weak White Men, the boogeyman chasers and excuse makers, is it Low T and an oversupply of Estrogen? A question on Marriage, and how we (as Men) keep them from going to shit? More on the hypocritical Marxist Pope. PTD meetup groups coming soon in New Jersey and other states as we stump for Trump in the Primary and General elections. And my take on Black History… Why it needs to change, the elements of it that I support, and how the Black community will revive itself? All of this and more… the MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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7 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#38

  1. Great show.


    • Thanks Markus, I’m glad someone liked it!

      And btw thank you for always providing feedback under each show.


      • Your welcome Rich.
        About the listener email: In my opinion young guys could drop the -i would like to achieve stuff before i get kids”.
        Life is about getting offspring first and foremost. Career is secondary.
        You gave him great advise thou.


  2. Great show, you made a point about getting the fear out of these kids. I was just teaching and setting that example again to my young teenage son. A few years back, before I “ woke up” I had myself convinced that I wasn’t capable doing things like handy man house work or working on my own vehicles. Like everyone one else I would bring my car to the shop or have some Mexican crew come out to work on the house, hell I thought I couldn’t even change the oil. When I really started to read and learn, about the culture of are people and all the truly great accomplishments we’ve achieved, mostly though our labor brains and sweat, it really empowered me to just research, dig-in and problem solve. Just this last weekend me and my son replaced my wife’s upper and lower ball joints. Like I said I’m no mechanic but me and my son dug in and knocked it out, and saved about $1000. Back to your point, I used this a learning tool for my young son, about not being afraid or selling yourself short. Failure only detours loser, just the thought of losing only fuels WINNERS.


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