Gage on the PTD Message                      POWER THROUGH DISCIPLINE

You see men, this is what you turn into when you rid yourself of estrogen and boost the hell out of your testosterone. Not only do you build up good clean muscle mass, but you stop chasing phantoms, you leave your bitch corner, and you get your ass over to PTD. Come this March, in a few weeks, the two of us will have a sit down and map out some future plans.

If Gage is headed in our direction, which I assume he is, we will develop an ongoing relationship and he will be one of many who helps us build and construct our own independent media platform. Free from the hobbyist Internet Nazi freak show, free from the goblin chasers, free from the perpetual do-nothing basement dwellers, and free from the doom and gloom “fear porn” sellers. We are growing folks… and growing fast! 300 PTD Members. We’ll soon become a legitimate organization, that folks will not shy away from, and will line up in droves to support. No more #WeakWhiteMen!

11 Comments on Gage on the PTD Message

  1. Stahlgewitter // February 23, 2016 at 10:08 am // Reply

    You’re damn right Rich! Us white men need to man up even more and learn how to work together with the goal of becoming one hardcore mass of strong and honorable white men protecting our race!

    Keep it up brother! Me and my fellow brothers in Sweden are lissening to both your radioshow and Angelo’s radioshow!


  2. Give rich 10 min with anybody, no matter the color and the fire will be Lit. Powerful stuff.


  3. You Da Man Rich, You are the Trump effect to the freak show establishment.


  4. Matt from the UK // February 23, 2016 at 2:44 pm // Reply

    Abut to watch the video… Delighted to see you have made touch with Gage. He is a serious guy with good things to contribute and the right attitude: a good talker, an impressive guy, and above all a ‘doer’, who gets involved, trains hard, and pushes people towards something positive. I’d been meaning to brng his name up here as I knew not THAT much about him, but he had struck me as someone who may be an exception to the do-nothing crackpots and weirdos, as someone who PTD would be pleased to associate with. I’m really glad that PTD is getting out there, and this message is hitting people right in the balls, and the right kind of people are being attracted to it. You know PTD is doing something great by the beautiful strong people you keep attracing Rich! Many congrats on so many positive developments of late


  5. I think the two of you could work together Rich. I like this guy. Being a vet adds credibility too. But he needs to drop the Joo chasing, and distance himself from the neo Nazi losers out there.


  6. Good approach to the problem. Working on ourselves allows us to be a better asset to ourselves and our communities.


  7. As a veteran–who really cares what this loud mouthed jarhead with his uniform hanging on the wall has to say, which by the way, is just an advertisement for the site. Move on guy or re-enlist. Oh yeah, the biceps shot at the beginning makes you look like a moron. It’s good thatyou work out but….


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