Strong Black Men in America, do you really support this?

         Keeping the Black Man in America Weak!

Strong Black Men, where are you? Where the fuck did you go? Every time I see or hear from a black organization it’s headed up by some angry feminist black women, or an emasculated weak black male pushing the same old tired approach! Aren’t you sick of this shit already? Get rid of this weak shit. Stand up and take back control of your families, your children, and your community!

6 Comments on Strong Black Men in America, do you really support this?

  1. Robert Weinstein // February 25, 2016 at 11:57 am // Reply

    If you visit most African villages, you’ll find the women doing most of the work while the men lounge around. Effeminacy is pretty common among American blacks, even among those who put on a show of bravado.


  2. NotAbitchAssNigga // February 25, 2016 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    Most of your strong black men are in Jail my dude, locked up for petty drug crimes, the rest of the brothers walking the streets are a bunch of bitchass niggas. Black females have become the men of the home. That’s why only women run these groups. Real Black Men died with Malcolm. But I agree with your premise, we need strong black men.


  3. rich there is no reason we should bring the fact that you have a lot of weak efeminte men to the attention of the black race.napoleon bonapart once stated do not be so rude as to interrupt the enemy when he is making a mjstake.ilove hearing about these weak black clowns.hopefully it would put a backbone in som e of your more masculine white men when they see these black wanna be tough guys for what they are and what nature intended they should be.this mullatto bicth demanding whitey should give unconditionaly without a fight is laughable.hopefully this wakes some whites up but I doubt it.bottomline I don,t want to see members of a competing race get stronger and more capable,i want to see white men get stronger more competent and more capable.i thought that was what the show was about.


    • I don’t consider good black folks to be the enemy. Hardly Joe. There’s absolute trash in both communities. Both races need to clean up their own backyards, which are full of shit. We need strong black communities and black fathers of black children to get their shit in order. We must support Self determination for both communities!

      The Black Community must embrace African history, African culture, and get in touch with their roots. Drop these white European holidays and traditions that they can’t and don’t identify with. They must empower their young men, to act like respectable human beings. Black men are weak and feminine. They have no respect for black women. They run out on their children. They chase after trashy white women. And they act like women…. they dress like clowns, they sag their pants like a rape victim in jail, they dance on a wimb like fairies, they’re obsessed with fashion and brand names and consumerism, and they’ve lost all sense of loyalty to their community! It’s pathetic. Strong Black Men, need to grab a hold of these weaklings in their community too, shame them into submission, grab them by the throats and get rid of this weak shit, this feminine behavior! Get rid of these weak black men and start revitalizing the black community for black people in America.

      The Government can’t do this, and the tax payer doesn’t want to do it. Whites can’t do this, and whites don’t want to do it. It has to be strong Black Men! And if you want a peaceful solution with separated vibrant communities… we must push our approach everywhere!


  4. Shame on this news station for taking this lunatic seriously and making her out to be something we should consider. She is a the appitamy of a whinny entitled bitch.


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