PTD Radio: Episode#39


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #39

***Choose Your Path Wisely***

On today’s show we talked about my discussion with Angelo John Gage. What I think he offers, what I think he does well, where he goes wrong, and my thoughts on our soon to come sit-down. I spent some time discussing the difficult choices we make in life and the paths we choose to follow or lead. How do we get folks out of the shadows? PTD Trump Meet-Up Groups were discussed with state contact information. My position on Black Lives Matter and the message we preach here to the black community. All of this and more… the MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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5 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#39

  1. Badass empowering show. A few days ago I read an article about Trump on some fascist website which stated Trump supporters are cuckservants tricking nationalists into beying loyal to the broken system which naturally made me question your pro-Trump approach. But in the end I can’t say anything else than that It’s extremely refreshing to have someone like you cutting all loose ends from the nationalist movement, refuting off-putting jew chasing weirdoes (which I personally always did) and focusing on praxeology. Intelligence is rare but wisdom even more so.

    I think you are also surprisingly european for being American in a good way. What I mean is Americans have since the founding of their nation state always been more interested in individualistic pleasures and petit-bourgoise comfort than having a pre-destined kinship. The American state can therefore be seen as the liberal, modern, anti-traditional and individualistic state par excellence, as a prototype to the tragic misfortunes we live today even in Europe. I don’t think Trump is some Godsend and I find him too “American” for my taste, but I get that we need to stay by his side since he can make America great again, by PTD on his side!

    I’m trying to preach the PTD message in Nationalist circles here in Sweden. Let’s push forward comrades! Let’s initiate a force!



    • Although in Sweden we can “afford” some of that Jew-chasing because we already have a functioning and proffessional Nordic Resistance Movement in place which keeps growing. [National] Socialism is in the DNA of the Nordic people’s and will come naturally in a different way than to you.


  2. Wow. Not trying to S your D but Jesus that was a very powerful show. No one else puts it out there like you do Rich. This should be required listening for all men not just “young” men. Great line about the softies “idiots still think we’re in the Antebellum South, the fucking Gilded Age or Victorian Era.” Classic line! I love it.


  3. Count me in for NJ. I’ll be there!


  4. Great show Rich!


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