PTD Trump Meet-Up Info for Non-Members

TRUMP-make-america-great-again--WHITE_5936 Trump Meet-Ups will be taking place in your state (or a state near you) soon. If you're not a PTD Member, but you're interested in attending a meetup, shoot me an email at - for more information, contacts, meetup points, dates, and other info as it becomes available. You do not have to be a PTD Member to participate in our meet-ups! Continue Reading for our New Jersey Roll Call...

Our Official Day of Activism is going to take place on Saturday, June 4th here in NJ. State organizers can determine their own dates if they’d like! But I’d like to schedule a meet-up prior to that date, to meet each other, go over a few things, and possibly distribute some gear. But I need some commitments now. Who’s onboard in New Jersey? Who can make it here, that lives here, or in the surrounding area? Step up to the plate!

New Jersey Roll Call:

Rich (PTD)






I will also be inviting Joe Northpal and Angelo John Gage. Hopefully they’ll both make it!

Where are the rest of you?

We also need more volunteers to man other states. So far we have the following states covered: New Jersey, California, Virginia, Maryland, Oregon, and Washington. Step Up!

3 Comments on PTD Trump Meet-Up Info for Non-Members

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    Wish I was there with you buddy, Good luck.


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  3. Well, so far from a lot my guys here it’s been dead Air. A handful have reached out, the others, I don’t know what they’re waiting for? But this is exactly what I’m sick of, people can claim they stand for this and that, then when it comes time to do something, you get crickets. 310 members, most of whom I guess just want to hear radio shows… Only time will tell.


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