Old Media Cucks in full-blown Panic Mode Again!

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sz7pONagF1Q             Old Media in full-blown Panic Mode!!! They are freaking out folks. Leftists and beta-Cucks don't even know how to respond to this man. He says I don't want your filthy money. I don't need your old dying media. I don't need any of you crazy leftist creeps or beta Republicucks. I own you! And they know it folks!

Furthermore, the man didn’t say anything about disavowing the Klan or Duke because he has no connection to these people. Why would he disavow someone like Duke when he knows nothing about the man, and what’s in his heart today? You don’t speak on issues, or groups, or individuals that you have ZERO knowledge of, and no personal experience with, not to mention a connection or relationship!

7 Comments on Old Media Cucks in full-blown Panic Mode Again!

  1. It’s amazing to see them speechless…they are scared speechless.
    Although, I wish Trump had called them out and said he has no comment because this is obvious yellow journalism and slander.


  2. Haha this acting is really poor. Duke hasn’t been in the kkk for years and these people know that, and certainly doesn’t practice racial hatred. It’s funny how desperate these people get, but like all their other attacks it’s not going to work.


  3. And now he’s up 33%

    Act like a real man, and a leader, and crush the “competition.”


  4. Their feeble smear tactics won’t work. I’m a bit concerned about Carson’s latest statement, I have a feeling some people will believe him. Why would Carson say Trump is a very, very bad mistake for the GOP? Is Carson bought off, is he blind, or is he just jealous?


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  6. joenorthpal // March 2, 2016 at 7:34 pm // Reply

    So let me get this straight, David Duke isn’t allowed to vote? isn’t allowed free speech? isn’t allowed to support who ever the fuk he wants to support?
    Well, Louis Farrakhan is expressing support, do you think these cucks would ever grill Donald Trump over that?
    @Joe – Carson is miffed because Trump will not name him as a running mate, that is what the cucks want him to do so the #weakwhitemen of the GOP won’t be called waycist by the the limp wristed demorats.


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